Botswana Exploration: Botswana Summer Encounter 2017

4Cs Projects - Botswana Summer Encounter

The camps that you stay in while on the Botswana Summer Encounter are intimately involved in projects that support the principles of the 4Cs.

Central Kalahari Wild Dog Project, Kalahari Plains Camp

There is little knowledge of wild dog in the CKGR region, however wild dog packs are reasonably often sighted and due to its large size (52 500km2) the area is likely to sustain a significant number of wild dog packs. Research is necessary for their protection.

Community Engagement, Kalahari Plains Camp

Kalahari Plains has actively engaged the Basarwa (Bushman) people to ensure they can benefit from the ecotourism industry. Thus, the majority of staff members were sought out in the local villages and trained to work in the camp.

Solar Power, Xigera Camp

In 2011 the generators at Xigera were turned off and the power for the entire camp was switched across to a new photovoltaic solar plant consisting of a total of 135 solar panels producing a maximum of 30kW or renewable energy – enough power from the sun to run the entire camp including all fridges and freezers.

Keeping the Environment Clean

Waste water in the form of sewage and grey water (e.g. shower water) is treated in an Above Ground Sewage Plant or STP at both Gomoti and Xigera. This treats the water with a dense system of bacteria in a network of tanks above the ground, being sterilised with UV or chlorine, before being allowed to enter the environment. This ensures that we do not contaminate the natural water system in the area.

Motswe Wa Tsholofelo Orphan Day Care Centre

Xigera donates a portion of each bednight charge to the Motswe Wa Tsholofelo Orphan Day Care Centre in Maun which provides education and food to orphans living with extended family members.

Green Camp Systems, Toka Leya

Toka Leya has a number of systems in place that aim to rehabilitate indigenous flora in the area. This includes a greenhouse and nursery project to grow seedlings, an environmentally friendly waste-water treatment plant and a worm farm.