Malawi Exploration: Landscapes of Malawi

4Cs Projects - Landscapes of Malawi

The camps that you stay in while on the Landscapes of Malawi Exploration are intimately involved in projects that support the principles of the 4Cs.

Nyika National Park

The Nyika-Vwaza Trust is an independent organisation that is involved in environmental and wildlife conservation in the Nyika area; Wilderness Safaris is partnering with the Trust in its endeavours.

The Chelinda Pine Plantation

Planted as an agricultural experiment in the 1960s, Chelinda Camp and Lodge are situated on the edge of the Chelinda Pine Plantation, with the trees serving as a windbreak and source of firewood and timber in this grass-dominated environment. These non-indigenous trees are slowly being cut back and the grasslands will ultimately be rehabilitated. However, the pines are not invasive and do not threaten the integrity of the ecosystem.

Chintheche Tree Nursery Project

Initiated by Master Banda and Children in the Wilderness kids, an indigenous nursery has been started near Chintheche which provides saplings to communities to begin reforesting their areas. Between April and October 2012, the Chintheche site had raised 28 000 different trees.

Children in the Wilderness

Children in the Wilderness Malawi runs an annual camp programme at Chintheche with some 24 children participating. Eco-Clubs are also run at various schools in the area and a number of children have received scholarships to complete their schooling.