Botswana Exploration: Migration Routes

4Cs Projects - Migration Routes

The camps that you stay in while on the Migration Routes Exploration are intimately involved in projects that support the principles of the 4Cs.

Bana Ba Metsi School, Xigera

Xigera Mokoro Trails Camp supports the Bana Ba Metsi School in Shakawe which takes in problem or delinquent school drop-outs and encourages them to go back to school to get an education and thus a better chance in life.

Community Partnership, Khwai

Khwai Adventurer Camp is part of a community partnership between Wilderness Safaris and the Khwai Community represented by the Khwai Development Trust. This partnership aims at bringing the benefits of ecotourism to the communities that live alongside conservation areas.

The Elephant Challenge, Linyanti

Perhaps the most topical issue for Botswana is its very large elephant population and the possible impact on vegetation and other animal species. As a result we have facilitated and partially funded two MSc studies researching this challenge.

Linyanti Conservation Projects

The Linyanti Concession works closely with local government bodies to ensure the conservation of wildlife in the area. It carries out dedicated conservation and research focused on species on the IUCN Red List such as African wild dog, elephant, lion and roan antelope.

Toka Leya Green Camp Systems

Toka Leya has a number of systems in place that aim to rehabilitate indigenous flora in the area. This includes a greenhouse and nursery project to grow seedlings, an environmentally friendly waste-water treatment plant and a worm farm.