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Our guides are the vital link between you and the intricacies of the natural world. They love sharing their knowledge, and do so with passion and humour, making the whole journey seamless and interpretive from start to finish.

Our guides are all experienced and fully trained professionals, many who are skilled photographers and can assist you in taking amazing wildlife photography.

These guides are also available to lead private tailor-made safaris and specialist trips – some even offering multilingual departures.

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  • Alex Mazunga

    Alex Mazunga


    Alex was born in the Chobe region of northern Botswana in a small village known as Satau. At the age of three his family moved west along the Linyanti River towards Lake Liambezi in search of better grazing for their cattle and fertile soils to grow their crops. This experience exposed Alex to the wild areas in northern Botswana. “From an early age, I enjoyed spending time outdoors and my father taught me a great deal about tracking, the medicinal uses of trees, survival and general bushcraft,” says Alex. On completing high school, he worked as a shop assistant in Kasane. Alex’s...

  • Anderson Sekgwa

    Anderson Sekgwa


    Andy, as he is affectionately known, was born at a remote cattle post in Shorobe, Botswana. This village is located 30 km from Maun. As a young boy, Andy would go out into the bush with his grandfather who would teach him about the native fauna and flora as well as aspects of the local history.   Andy joined Okavango Wilderness Safaris in 1987 and worked for nine years as a safari assistant. During this time he got to travel with one of the founders of Wilderness Safaris, Colin Bell who happened to be a skilled guide. As a safari assistant to Colin, Andy was involved in every aspect of running a...

  • Brooks Kamanakao

    Brooks Kamanakao


    “I was really born in the bush” states Brooks. This rings true as he grew up in the small village of Motopi, on the banks of the Boteti River, one of the main channels of the Okavango Delta. Belonging to the Bayei tribe (the people who introduced mekoro to the Okavango Delta), Brooks had a fascination with Botswana’s wild areas from an early age. Determined to succeed, he began his career in tourism as a casual worker, was soon promoted to waiter and, as his natural talents and ambition presented themselves, was moved into the position of tracker. After a year of sitting in the...

  • Charles Ndlovu

    Charles Ndlovu


    Charles has spent practically his entire life in the bush. Having a father who was a game ranger ensured that lots of Charles’ school holidays were spent in the bush. After completing secondary school, Charles volunteered to assist the Hwange National Park research team. He did this for a year and after realising his potential and passion, the senior ecologist took him on as a semi-skilled casual employee. Charles spent four years working in the park and in 1989 started work as a trainee guide. He applied himself diligently in his efforts to grow as a guide and in the year 2000, Charles obtained his...

  • Cilas Mafoko

    Cilas Mafoko


    Cilas Mafoko was born in south-eastern Botswana, growing up in a small village largely surrounded by hills. He would spend most of his time at the cattle post during school holidays which resulted in Cilas spending a lot of time hiking up the local hills where the villagers took their cattle to graze. Cilas states “It was during this period in my life where I was enthralled by the natural world and the tranquillity I felt when out with the cattle could not be compared to any other feeling I had ever had before. The flicker of a bird’s wings, even the cattle mooing – it was then that I...

  • David Luck

    David Luck


    David has been guiding professionally for 14 years in various countries, including Botswana, Madagascar, Malawi, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe and the Arctic. His special interests are in photography, ornithology, mammals, walking and canoe trails and family orientated safaris. David is passionate about many things and is fascinated by wild places, both on land and at sea. His mission in life is to aid the conservation of these habitats. David has guided birding safaris all over Southern and East Africa, and his life-list for Africa stands at over 700 species, including the Albertine Rift specials. He...

  • Festus Mbinga

    Festus Mbinga


    Festus grew up in Otjinene, a small village in the Kalahari Desert in eastern Namibia. His family was of Herero decent and they were economically pastoralist. As a child, Festus would tend the family’s free-ranging cattle. His school was also a few kilometres from home and these two factors ensured that he spent a great deal of his youth out in the bush. His rural lifestyle changed when his father moved to Windhoek to take a job as a taxi driver in the Katatura District. Although he was now based in the city, Festus retained his passion for all things wild. After completing his schooling,...

  • Francis Kudumo

    Francis Kudumo


    Francis was born and raised in a small village in the pan handle area of the Okavango Delta. As a young boy, he spent time fishing from a mokoro (a traditional dug-out canoe) and camping on islands around open fires. Every night his father would tell him stories about the birds and wildlife, which kept him fascinated for hours. Although he went to school far from home, the memories of the Delta and its wildlife remained with him. Whenever he returned for his school holidays he couldn’t wait to get back into the bush. He finished school and went on to complete his national service, working as a...

  • Franco Morao

    Franco Morao


    Franco was born in 1983 on a remote farm on the outskirts of a Namibian town called Gobabis. At the age of two he entered a children’s home (the SOS Children’s Village) in Windhoek, where he stayed for most of his school life. On completion of secondary school in 2002, and by a stroke of incredible timing, Wilderness Safaris' Children in the Wilderness programme approached the SOS Children's Home to bring some of the kids out into the wilderness to experience their country's natural wonders. In this group was a young, ambitious and eager Franco. His passion for the natural fauna and flora shone...

  • Idos Mulenga

    Idos Mulenga


    Idos was born in Lunga, a small village on the outskirts of Kafue National Park. He did his primary schooling at Kamakechi Primary School. He successfully finished grade seven in 1980 and moved to Kasempa Boys Secondary School. On completion of his schooling, he worked as a buyer for the Lint Company of Zambia. Having grown up in a remote part of Zambia, he had developed a passion for nature and the wilderness. Whilst working as a buyer, he longed to be back in the bush and soon returned to Lunga village to follow his heart. Idos’ career in the safari industry began in 1987 when he was employed as a...

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