Malawi Exploration: Rift Valley Explorer

4Cs Projects - Rift Valley Explorer

The camps that you stay in while on the Rift Valley Explorer are intimately involved in projects that support the principles of the 4Cs.

Liwonde National Park

About 500 people living outside the park benefit financially from the existence of Mvuu Lodge and Mvuu Camp. Wilderness is also involved in logistical support for Liwonde National Park game scouts, helps with infrastructure development, and assists in wildlife translocations and an annual census.

Nanthomba School

A derelict building with no furniture, Nanthomba School just outside Liwonde National Park has been transformed into a well-run school for 400 kids. Its construction is the brainchild of Mvuu employees who were motivated by the Children in the Wilderness programme and backed financially by an inspired Mvuu guest.

Mumbo Island Project

Unfortunately there are a number of poachers conducting illegal fishing operations within Lake Malawi National Park. Wilderness Safaris' Mumbo Island Camp is partnered with Malawi's Department of National Parks and Wildlife to put an end to these freshwater bandits.