Botswana Exploration: The Trans-Okavango

An exclusive Okavango Delta crossing

Explore the Okavango from west to east, capturing the essence of the Delta and imbibing the spirit of exploration. Take in the abundant game-viewing areas of Hunda Island, Mombo and Chitabe interspersed with iconic water experiences offered at Pelo and Xigera. You will have the opportunity to walk, boat and fly from one camp to the next, as well as enjoy the thrill of the Delta by air in a helicopter.


  • A comprehensive exploration of one of the world’s biggest inland deltas and top wildlife destinations.
  • Diverse activities and transfers between camps: walking, game drives, boat trips, mokoro trips, and flying by light aircraft and helicopter.
  • The wide range of accommodation types, from dome-tent camping to Premier Camps, ensures a holistic and exciting safari experience.

The Trans-Okavango Map

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  • Day 1 - 2
    Day 1 - 2
    Tubu Tree Camp
  • Day 3 - 4
    Day 3 - 4
    Pelo Camp
  • Day 5
    Day 5
    Xigera Camp
  • Day 6 - 7
    Day 6 - 7
    Mombo Camp
  • Day 8 - 9
    Day 8 - 9
    Chitabe Camp
  • Day 10
    Day 10
    Bid farewell to your adventure
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