The Rare Roan Antelope

The Story 

Roan antelope, Hippotragus equinus, are threatened and declining in numbers in most parts of their range across west, east and southern Africa. For the most part they find their home in broad-leafed woodlands where there are low numbers of other large antelope with which to compete. Nyika Plateau in Malawi is totally different!

More about this species

Of the few places where roan antelope thrive, none is more unique and spectacular than the mountain fastness of Malawi’s gorgeous Nyika Plateau. Here roan are both abundant and thriving – and are perhaps the iconic species of the region. Herds of 10-30 animals at a time dot the grassy plateau, their large, comical ears (seeming especially out of proportion on the young calves) and gently curved horns framing their distinctive black and white faces. Adult bulls dominate the breeding herds while smaller bachelor groups can be seen hanging around nearby.

Where to see them

No visit to the pristine Nyika Plateau in northern Malawi would be complete without spectacular sightings of roan antelope. Guests staying at either Chelinda Lodge or Chelinda Camp are very likely to see these charismatic antelope on game drive across the plateau – or even from the comfort of their rooms. Another excellent location to see this species is the Busanga Plains in Zambia.

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Where can I find The Rare Roan Antelope?

Chelinda Camp, Chelinda Lodge

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