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Segera Retreat Launches Unique Patas Monkey Conservation Project

Aug 26, 2015 | Wilderness Safaris

August 2015 – Segera Retreat is pleased to announce the launch of an exciting project to help save the Endangered patas monkey. These unique monkeys are considered to be the fastest of all primate species, but they have been struggling to keep up with the pace of change throughout some parts of their range. Due to the dominance of cattle and the lack of rainwater in the area, patas monkeys have become dependent on the water in farmers’ troughs to survive, while habitat loss due to pressure from agricultural expansion and charcoal burning has made them increasingly vulnerable.

“Securing the future of the diverse wildlife of this part of Kenya requires the adoption of a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach”, commented Jochen Zeitz, owner of Segera. “This necessarily includes community outreach, engagement and education, anti-poaching and habitat management, all of which we encourage our guests to participate in as part of their Segera experience – including joining a patas monkey foot patrol”.

In keeping with the innovative and visionary 4Cs philosophy that underpins all aspects of Segera operations and the guest experience, Segera and the Zeitz Foundation are actively supporting patas monkey monitoring to help conserve this distinctive primate.

Patas monkeys are attractive yellow-gold inhabitants of grassland and woodland savannahs, widely distributed across Africa between the Sahara and the tropical rainforests of Senegal and Ethiopia. The eastern subspecies, however, occurs only in Kenya, western Ethiopia and northern Tanzania and is not at all common. It feeds on whistling thorn trees, making Segera an ideal area.

Patas monkeys cover up to 12 km (7.5 miles) a day, foraging on flowers, tree gum, seeds and insects. Each individual monkey sleeps in a separate tree and they will not sleep in the same area for more than two days. Patas are the fastest of the primates, able to reach top speeds of around 56 km/h (35 mph). When they sense danger they often prefer running away across the ground to climbing trees, in contrast to many other primate species.

Segera's monitoring patrols have identified patas monkey troops around the Retreat and the neighbouring communal areas that share their range with Segera. The aim of these patrols is to provide security for each troop, monitor and understand their movements and home ranges, study social interactions between different individuals and keep a careful record of births, deaths and other milestone events in each troop.

Segera guests have the opportunity to join a patas monkey foot patrol and contribute to this important wildlife conservation initiative. This is just one of many ways that guests are able to actually live the 4Cs and understand how they are applicable to every aspect of life on Segera.

For more information on Segera’s conservation and other 4Cs initiatives, which also focus on a number of other key species, please contact Segera GM, Jens Kozany:

Patas Monkey - Segera Retreat, Kenya