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Wilderness Safaris Announces Luxury Brand Consolidation

Oct 18, 2016 | Wilderness Safaris

October 2016 – Wilderness Holdings has announced its decision to dissolve Wilderness Collection as a separate and independent brand, and will be reabsorbing Abu, North Island and Segera Retreat back into its core Wilderness Safaris’ brand with immediate effect.

“Wilderness Safaris firmly believes that the ability to contribute to, or participate in, a meaningful environmental or social cause or purpose is the ‘new luxury’ and that it made sense to consolidate all of our luxury camp offerings under one brand, driven by the same sustainability values and sense of purpose that underpin all of our operations. We therefore decided to streamline our luxury camp strategy and simplify our offering to the market by dissolving Wilderness Collection as an independent brand and reabsorb its three iconic properties into Wilderness Safaris as Premier camps”, said Chief Marketing Officer, Chris Roche. 

Abu (Botswana), North Island (Seychelles) and Segera Retreat (Kenya), while still retaining their own independent lodge brands and visual identities, as well as brochures, websites and social media platforms, will now be stable mates with the following high-end Wilderness Safaris camps: Mombo, Little Mombo, Vumbura Plains, Jao and Kings Pool in Botswana, as well as the new Bisate Lodge due to open in Rwanda in June 2017.

“Each of these nine products, while offering the most unashamed (but appropriate and sustainable) luxury for their particular circumstances, is strongly rooted in a core cause or purpose with its own raison d’être. For example, North Island is based on island restoration and the visionary Noah’s Ark Project, whilst Mombo exists in order to re-establish continentally important populations of black and white rhino in the Okavango Delta. In turn Bisate’s purpose will be the physical expansion of Volcanoes National Park and thus an increased population of Endangered mountain gorilla in Rwanda”, Roche added.

With this ‘reason for being’ forming an integral part of the holistic guest experience at Wilderness Safaris, the company has also started rolling out a new ‘Living the 4Cs’ (Commerce, Community, Culture and Conservation) campaign to ensure that its sustainability projects and lodge cause are more tangible to guests. In this way, the Premier camp offering of Wilderness Safaris is not only about the best locations, and the most elegant and stylish accommodation and hospitality, but also about experiencing a life-changing journey that gives back to the protection of our natural world at the same time.

The rest of Wilderness Safaris’ portfolio will remain unchanged, with each camp falling into one of three clearly defined categories – Premier, Classic or Adventures; all underpinned by the 4Cs.