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Wilderness Safaris Supports 2016 Medic Rush

Jun 30, 2016 | Wilderness Safaris

July 2016 – Wilderness Safaris Namibia were proud supporters of the annual 2016 Medic Rush (Rural Upliftment and Social Healthcare) mobile clinic, which saw 530 rural people from Omajete (Erongo region), Soris Soris and Twyfelfontein (Damaraland region) receive access to much-needed healthcare services.

Hosted by Round Table Hochland 154 – a non-profit organisation of young men between the ages of 18 and 40 who collectively try to make a difference in their communities – the annual Medic Rush mobile clinics have benefitted over 5 000 rural people to date, providing healthcare to many people who otherwise don’t have the means to afford such treatment.

“Since 2009, we have provided logistical support to the Round Table to help arrange these important annual clinics, getting doctors, specialists and nursing staff into our local communities to provide them with medical care. Whether it’s helping the Medic Rush crew with accommodation on recce/scouting trips, with vehicles for transport or with camping equipment during the actual event, we are extremely proud to be associated with this event which makes an incredible positive impact on our neighbouring communities”, said Louis Nortje, Wilderness Safaris Namibia Asset Manager.

According to Stefan du Raan from the Round Table Hochland 154, “The support we have received from Wilderness Safaris over the past few years has been invaluable. In addition to providing logistical help, it is the advice we receive from the team before the camps are set up that is most valuable; especially with regards to identifying the areas in most need, potential venues for the clinics and most importantly spreading the word about the clinics to the communities beforehand”.    

“Medic Rush 2016 was very successful in every sense, with us being able to see more than 530 patients – the oldest being 93 years old! We were also able to refer patients who require further treatment to nearby hospitals. All the communities we reached really appreciated the goodwill, and the smiling faces, songs, prayers and freshly-baked “vetkoek” and mutton cooked especially for us for lunch testifies to that. We look forward to arranging the next successful Medic Rush for 2017”.

Click here to view a short video clip of this year’s event.

Photographer Rachel du Raan captured these memorable scenes from the 2016 MEDIC RUSH