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Wilderness Safaris Wins Institute of Risk Management Award

Nov 9, 2017 | Wilderness Safaris

November 2017 – In a first for the safari tourism industry, Wilderness Safaris has won the Institute of Risk Management South Africa (IRMSA) Award for its outstanding contribution towards risk management in the Hospitality and Tourism industry.

“We are extremely proud to have received this recognition from IRMSA for our Annual Integrated Report and continued efforts to develop creative risk management solutions specific to non-urban and geographically dispersed environments”, said Wilderness Safaris Group Risk Manager, Malora Zeller. “This is the first time that a safari tourism organisation has received such an accolade as opposed to other large urban establishments, showcasing how Wilderness is truly leading the industry in best sustainable practice”.

As risk management in Africa has not been professionalised until fairly recently, IRMSA is a designated body that provides accredited board exams and initiatives to advance the field of risk management. The prestigious IRMSA Awards are held annually to recognise various industries and individuals who are actively enhancing and leading the risk management space.

Listed on the Botswana and Johannesburg Stock Exchanges, Wilderness aligns to the King Code of corporate governance. As a responsible and listed corporate business, Wilderness strives to apply due diligence and best practice throughout the Group’s operations; this includes having a robust risk management process and team in place to gather, identify, analyse, report and mitigate risks relevant to the business.

“It is an ongoing and dynamic process to apply creative and forward thinking risk management initiatives to navigate the unique uncertainties that we may face as a safari operator. It is therefore encouraging to see that our clients are selecting and promoting our safari products based on our active safety and risk mitigation activities. We will also strive to continue leading and inspiring the industry in sustainable risk management”, concluded Zeller.

For information regarding the Group’s sustainability and risk management achievements, please refer to the FY17 Annual Integrated Report.