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Xigera Camp 100% Solar Powered

Jul 25, 2011 | Wilderness Safaris

July 2011 - Wilderness is thrilled at the news that yet another camp has 'gone solar.'

On the 13th of June 2011 the generators at Xigera Camp were turned off and the power for the entire camp was switched across to a new photovoltaic solar plant consisting of a total of 135 solar panels producing a maximum of 30kW of renewable energy - enough power from the sun to run the entire camp - including all fridges and freezers. All water is heated by evacuated tube solar water geysers or thermodynamic geysers.

In Botswana the following camps are fully or almost fully solar powered: Zarafa, Selinda, Kalahari Plains, Banoka and now Xigera. Plans for the remainder of this year are to roll this technology out to Mombo, while 2012 will see the same for DumaTau and possibly Vumbura Plains. Similar roll-outs are continuing in the other countries, leading to a full embracing of renewable energy within Wilderness.