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Jacana Camp - March 2018

Mar 13, 2018  |   Jacana Camp

Climate and Landscape
This month’s weather was very manageable and the heat during the day was relished next to the pool with a much-appreciated beverage in hand. At night we enjoyed a wonderful cool breeze during dinner as by then the heat had dissipated. We had a few days where the wind blew very hard, and which brought some rain every now and then. We received 9.5 mm of rain with a minimum temperature of 18° and a maximum of 36° Celsius.

Our guests enjoyed numerous sightings of hippos playing with one another in the water. Wild dogs were also spotted around camp, playing and making kills. We also saw the lions close to camp.

Guests enjoyed great sightings of sitatunga antelope, a thrilling rarity, on their mokoro excursions....

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