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Little Tubu & Tubu Tree Camp - December 2017

Dec 20, 2017  |   Tubu Tree Camp, Little Tubu

Climate and Landscape
Mother Nature delivered the perfect gift for us on Christmas Day in the form of a beautiful and heavy rainstorm. We had Christmas lights in the shape of lightning bolts and Christmas carols to the tune of roaring thunder. It was one of a number of storms this past month, each of these storms separated by a couple of days of perfect sunshine.

December has been labelled “baby season” as we see baby-everythings popping up all over Hunda Island. The label took on a whole new meaning this year however, when our guests got to see a wildebeest giving birth right in front of Tent 1. It was an unusual and rare sighting that our guests were lucky (and surprised) to experience.

Even with the low level of water...

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