10 Wildest Sightings of 2016: Wilderness Safaris

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With the end of the year in just a few short weeks we thought we would celebrate some of the reasons why 2016 was simply amazing… and it really was. The sightings below are just a few of the incredible moments documented this year.

Each story reminds us of the value of protecting our wilderness and wildlife and the importance of keeping ‘environment at the heart’ of everything that we do.

We hope you will enjoy our 10 wildest sightings of 2016…

Wild Dog and Hyaena Pandemonium

A sighting to end the year with a bang! We couldn’t quite believe our eyes when we came across this extraordinary sequence seen by guests at Mombo Camp.

A pack of wild dog makes a kill… all is well until a clan of ravenous hyaena enter the fray… Click here to find out more.

Cheetah Kill at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

A quiet day, a few wildlife sightings and remarkable dune scenery… but then everything changes. A mother and cheetah cub are spotted in the distance. What happens next astounds everyone…

Silent Drive

The Silent Drive: Guests at Mombo were left in silence after seeing this unusual sighting. Warning: sensitive content.

A Magical Morning with Lion Cubs

10 adorable lion cubs at Linkwasha Camp provide a memorable sighting and many ‘ahhs’ and ‘oohs’.

In Search of Broken Rifle

A wild dog is spotted with a snare around its neck. This three-part blog series tells the story of a dedicated team and their efforts to save an injured wild dog. 

The Ultimate Cheetah Sighting

Four cheetah are spotted during a game drive at Little Makalolo. The cheetah brothers slake their thirst at a waterhole but find that the pathway is blocked by a large herd of elephants. They now only have one option left in order to make their escape.

Bush Beats the Boardroom (Every time)

A boardroom meeting can be a thrilling experience... Wilderness Safaris staff enjoy an incredible sighting ahead of a meeting at Vumbura Plains that leaves everyone wide awake and emotionally charged.

Luckiest Camera Trap

Could this be the luckiest camera trap in the Linyanti? You won’t believe what it snapped in a period of just 36-hours.

Lions vs Wild Dogs in the Okavango

A riveting standoff – find out what happens when a lioness comes too close to a pack of wild dogs…

A Great Zimbabwean ‘Hondo’

Two of Africa’s greatest wildlife contenders came face to face in an incredible battle

We look forward to many more remarkable moments in 2017 and wish you a very happy Festive Season.

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By Kate Collins

Kate grew up exploring the bushveld on her family rose farm, living among Nguni cattle, geese, warthogs, ostriches and horses. After completing an Honours degree at the University of Cape Town, Kate began working at Wild magazine as a journalist and as the Digital Editor of the Wild Card website. Kate has travelled to destinations throughout southern Africa, enjoying the many rich offerings of our country. Her work at Wild magazine helped secure her next move to Londolozi Game Reserve where she worked in their Creative team managing online communications and assisting guests with their wildlife photography. Kate now lives in Johannesburg and is proud to be a part of Wilderness Safaris in her role as copywriter. “I am very excited to work for a company that makes such a huge difference to people’s lives and to the wild places throughout our incredibly beautiful and diverse continent.”

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