A Few Reasons Why Serra Cafema Camp is The Ultimate Escape Destination

Feb 8, 2016 Trip Reviews
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“The main luxury item that Namibia offers is space. It makes the travellers feel completely off-grid, giving a sense of total solitude” – Robb Report, January 2015

An ancient landscape, beautifully sculptured dunes, rippled sands, romantic starry nights and soft glowing candle light…

Serra Cafema is a stylish and luxurious tented camp situated in the northern reaches of Namibia in one of the most striking deserts on the planet. It is also one of the most remote camps in southern Africa.

Immense white and red sands stretch to the horizon in all directions. You may even feel that you are at the ‘edge of the earth.’ The camp, far away from the noise of civilisation, pollution and bright lights is one of the best places for stargazing. Gazing into the vast clarity of the Namibian sky gives you a three dimensional sensation of being able to see beyond the stars.

To read about Serra Cafema is one thing, but to experience it is quite another. What makes this camp unique is that it is set among shady trees on the banks of the permanently-flowing Kunene River.

This unexpected attraction is especially calming at night when you fall asleep to the comforting sound of flowing waters. Enjoy laid back afternoons lazing on the camp deck enjoying the view of the Kunene River and beyond, a place where desert-adapted wildlife comes to drink and where birdlife is prolific.

There’s something for everyone – the laid-back individual, the romantic couple, active adventurer, the nature lover or anyone seeking new experiences.

This is a camp steeped in culture, luxury and incredible service.

5 Things to Do at Serra Cafema:

Quad Biking

Explore the surrounding area on a quad bike eco-excursion along the desert dunes.

Visit a Himba Settlement

Meet the colourful and friendly Himba people of Namibia and learn about their traditions and unique way of living as they go about their daily lives.

Boating on the Kunene River

This is a fun activity to try and an amazing opportunity to see water birds as well as other river inhabitants. Boating is dependent on water levels.

Nature Drives and Walks in Hartmann’s Valley

This is one of the best ways to experience the spectacular terrain of Serra Cafema. Informative drives in open Land Rovers take you through the heart of the Namib, allowing you to learn more about the wilderness. On foot, you’ll have a chance to come up close to the smaller denizens of the land, as well as get to see the famous fairy circles.

Enjoy a ‘Lazy’ Day

Sometimes all you want to do is just relax in one place. This is where the loungers on the camp’s front deck are ideal for reading and watching the riverside activities. Book a massage to unwind and enjoy every bit of pampering that you deserve.

Where: Serra Cafema is situated in northern Namibia in the Marienfluss Conservancy

At a glance:

  • Eight unique canvas and thatched chalets, each with its own en-suite bathroom
  • One of these rooms is an intimate, luxurious honeymoon villa with exceptional views while another accomodates a family.
  • The main dining room and pool look out onto the Kunene River and incredible surrounding sand dunes
  • The most authentic Himba cultural experience in all of Namibia

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Photographs by Dana Allen


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By Kate Collins

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