Andersson’s Camp – June 2014

Jun 30, 2014 Andersson's Camp
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Climate and Landscape
It is very cold at night and in the mornings in Ongava Reserve, and we are using the fireplaces and patio heaters to keep our guests warm and happy. Mornings are lovely and fresh with the smell of winter and the calls of doves and helmeted guineafowl in the air.

The Andersson’s Camp waterhole is bustling with animals and we have seen more and more wildlife coming and going. We had two male giraffe fighting one night right in front of the waterhole as guests watched in awe.

Almost every night we’ve seen black rhino coming in for a drink. One night we heard a lion roaring in the distance and we all went to sit inside the hide. We watched a black rhino drinking and after it left, a male lion came to the waterhole to have his drink. After he finished, he walked right in front of the hide and started to roar – you can just imagine how the much guests loved it!

Lately we have enjoyed watching huge numbers of red-billed queleas in camp, flying from tree to tree.

Even though it is winter and the staff members are wrapped up in scarves and jackets, we have guests who still enjoy the swimming pool, soaking up as much sun as possible.

We seem to have two new colleagues in the office. These two yellow-billed hornbills come into the office on a regular basis and love watching themselves in the mirror. Sometimes they just hang around, literally.

Animals also seem to feel very comfortable coming close to the fence. In fact, we were only able to get one half of a giraffe in a recent photo! Finally, we saw two male waterbuck having a bit of a tiff, just metres from the swimming pool.

The early bird catches the worm. Or in our case, the best pictures of lion at the waterhole! The family who had come for early breakfast enjoyed the wonderful entertainment provided.

Camp Activities
We made a lovely brunch setup for a group of guests in camp next to the pool, where they had great fun looking over the waterhole and observing the animals coming to drink while they ate.

Camp News
We received two new members to the Andersson’s Camp team: Samantha Nanuses and Michael Kamerika, both waiters. Welcome to ADC!


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