Banoka Bush Camp - April 2013

Apr 15, 2013
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Weather and Landscape
The winter season is fast on the approach as we have experienced very chilly mornings and evenings. The daytime temperatures are quite warm, but once the sun goes down the temperature drops quickly.

As we have received no rain this month, the water levels have dropped a little, allowing us to mokoro in the shallow channels. This will all change shortly once the annual inundation arrives, which should be any time now.

The month of April has started on a high note - it was actually a continuation of the previous month on predator and general game sightings.

The Magotlho Male Leopard has been seen in the area and is very relaxed in the presence of game drives. The resident pack of wild dogs was also seen in the Magotlho area.

The elephants are back in camp! There were a couple of big bulls seen every day in camp. The pachyderms spent their days grazing and browsing on the surrounding mopane trees and drinking at the Banoka Lagoon in front of camp. The lagoon has also become the home for two hippo bulls, which spend much of their time basking in the sun, providing our guests with some great sightings.

A large herd of buffalo has also moved into the area and were seen quite often this month, especially in the western areas of the concession. General game sightings were not too shabby either, with regular sightings of giraffe, impala, kudu, steenbok, tsessebe, vervet monkey and baboon – rounding off a complete safari experience.

The highlight for the month was the return of sable to the area! We have seen a number of these regal antelope along the riverine fringes west of camp. The sable were very relaxed around the vehicles which is great as in the past they were very skittish and would flee at the first hint of our presence.

Birds and Birding
On the avian side, our highlight was the good numbers of wattled cranes which spent much time in the concession this month. The drying waterways and isolated puddles attracted lots of bird activity as the pescivores cash in on the easy pickings of fish.

Guest Comments
“This is a very special place – it was one of the highlights of our stay in Botswana. The open sky dinning was incredible, especially coupled with the singing and dancing. We also really enjoyed the back of house tour which highlighted the eco-friendly nature of the camp. Mama B does a great job encouraging the staff to be the best that they can.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Bonang ‘Mama B’ Mambo and Keamogetswe Modirwagale who joined the Banoka family this month.
Guides: Chief, Wililani Jenamo and Onkabetse Mothupi.

Newsletter by Bonang Mambo


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