Banoka Bush Camp - December 2013

Dec 26, 2013 Banoka Bush Camp
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Weather and Landscape
December is the summer season in Botswana, bringing with it lots of rain. We hope the rain will fill the dry ponds as this year we have less water. Only mokoro activities are conducted because they can take place in both shallow and deep waters.

The month of December started on a high note as a continuation of the previous month where predator and general game sightings are concerned. The Magotlho (eastern side of Banoka) Female leopard has been seen three times in the same week in different locations. She was also spotted trying to stalk a breeding herd of impala but was unsuccessful, and was also seen the next day playing with a terrapin. Two wild dogs were seen at the Banoka boat station chasing impala.
The hippos are back in camp! There are a couple of them with babies, and they come in at night to check if the rains have filled their beautiful lagoon yet.

Birds and birding
The summer season always offers good bird species as many migrants arrive in the area; the species seen quite often for the month of December included woodland kingfishers, African paradise-flycatchers, red- headed weavers – plus many others.

Camp news – CITW programme
It is with great pleasure that we hosted our second and successful CITW programme at Banoka Bush Camp. This year we hosted 76 kids: 12 from Khwai Village, 32 from Seronga Village and the surrounding areas, with the rest from Mababe, Maun and Sankoyo villages.
December 25th was a very special day celebrating Christmas with our guests.

Guest Comments
“One of the highlights of our stay at Banoka Bush Camp was driving through water, going through Khwai Village, seeing many animals and birds. The staff is excellent.”
Amy Goerwitz and Jean Ann Hattler

Staff in Camp
Managers – Bonang ‘Mama B’ Mambo, Meshack ‘Mish’, Sarita
Guides – Genius, Chief, Lucas, and Kabo. Christopher Nyame is away on leave

Newsletter by Bonang ‘Mama B’


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