Banoka Bush Camp - May 2013

May 14, 2013
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The dry season has started earlier than expected, leaving the floodplain and seasonal waterholes completely dried up, the grasses golden brown, the trees without leaves and giving the area a very unique appearance. The month of May was a very exciting one in Banoka Bush Camp as the mammals were all concentrated along the main channel for water, green vegetation and of course because of the abundance of game in this area, predators were equally enticed.

The early evening, nights and mornings were a bit chilly with temperatures dropping down to about 8 degrees Celsius and then picking up around midday. The skies were very clear in the evenings giving the guides an opportunity to introduce the guests to the African night skies by pointing out and interpreting the visible constellations.

With a lot of insects hibernating at present the insect-eating birds have less food available to them forcing different species to flock together to help each other find food. Forked-tailed drongos were often seen following big herds of elephants hoping that they disturb insects as they move through the grasslands. Marabou storks, pelicans and other fish eating birds are taking advantage of the drying seasonal waterholes, where we see them in big flocks enjoying the fish that are trapped in the water.

Big herds of buffalo and other mammals were seen frequently on the floodplains and along the channel. Lion, wild dog and cheetah have been seen hanging around the same area looking for an opportunity for an easy meal. The spotted hyaenas and their pups were seen in the early hours of the mornings warming up in the sun very close to their den.

Staff News
The camp staff continued doing what they enjoy best - planning surprise bush brunches and sundowners. They also love singing their traditional songs and dancing in the evenings around the boma fire. This is always very popular amongst the guests.

Guest Comments
“Miss B, Kay and others sitting with us at dinner was very special. The interaction of staff to the guests was important.”

“Chris as a guide was fantastic, he was patient and talented on all aspects of plants and all wildlife, he gave out information when appropriate so as not to overdo!” Sarah & Henry

Staff in Camp
Managers: Bonang, Mish, Tuelo, Kay
Guides: Chris, Onx, Kabo, Luke

Compiled by Chris Nyame

Pictures by Fiona Azzopadis

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