Busanga Bush Camp - August 2016

Aug 8, 2016
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Climate and Landscape
August is the beginning of our hot summer season but we were lucky to have moderate temperatures ranging from a low of 6° Celsius to a high of 35° C.

Busanga Bush Camp (BBC) lies in a wildlife-rich location and it is never a mission to find lion. And we don’t go out to look for red lechwe; they come to visit us here in paradise. Our affectionate term for the mixed herds of red lechwe and puku is ‘puchwe’, and they are very beautiful, especially when viewed from the main area as if answering the call of their master to head to our ‘kraal.’

Game viewing was so interesting every day, sometimes starting at breakfast with a lion kill in front of the main area. Exciting and amazing!

Our experienced guides also add a unique touch to game drives by including guests in the tracking process for the cats so that their sightings are never forgotten.

This month we were lucky to have recorded lion on a daily basis, with other sightings including leopard and cheetah. Red lechwe, hippo, zebra, elephant, buffalo, reedbuck, waterbuck, bushbuck, puku, warthog, wildebeest, jackal, mongoose, porcupine, oribi, sable, kudu, grey-crowned cranes, wattled cranes and numerous other species of birds are our flowers on these vast Busanga Plains.

A lovely place for birders too, BBC’s fig tree hosts numerous bird species, some claiming their share of the breakfast served in the mornings.

Sighting of the Month
There is nothing more interesting than seeing a lion in a tree taking advantage of the aerial view to hunt. This tree-climbing lioness was watching for puku from afar; she eventually made a kill and the pride feasted on the antelope.

Camp Activities
BBC is a home-from-home where all our guests are VIPs. Our hot-air ballooning season took off this month, adding a very special touch to our activities and offering spectacular aerial views over the Busanga Plains and the wildlife. It’s hard to beat watching hippo spreading water as the balloon passes overhead; searching for lions and leopards in flight is another amazing experience. The flight is so packed with awe that the one-hour flight seems to pass in just 10 minutes! What adds even more value to this activity is the champagne breakfast – guests count themselves amongst the kings and queens of the Busanga Plains because each breakfast is so royally special.

Guests Comments
“Thank you for everything! We loved our stay, the hot air balloon ride, the lions in camp, the wonderful food but especially the warm, welcoming and kind staff.” “Thank you for a wonderful stay in the Kafue. Brought back memories. It’s a special place – great staff and really enjoyed having the camp to ourselves.” “Thanks for a great stay. Newton was a wonderful guide with a miraculous ability to see invisible wildlife. The camp and the people are totally wonderful.”

Staff in Camp
The staff, especially the front-of-house team, made sure our guests were kept safe at all times since the lions spent a lot of time in camp. The balloon wake-up calls were done in style by our experienced housekeepers to whom I dedicate our success.

Because of the wonderful treatment the staff offered to the guests, most of them wanted to extend their stays, and those who stayed longer than four days almost became Busanga team members!

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