Busanga Bush Camp - July 2013

Aug 8, 2013 Busanga Bush Camp
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Busanga Bush Camp, on the Busanga Plains, looks out on a landscape of open savannah grassland which extends for many miles. The camp gives you an ambience that gets you closer to nature and an opportunity to learn and share cultural diversities with the warm and friendly camp staff.

Sunrise & Sunset
From your bed you will wake up to a beautiful misty morning with the sun rising through the mist giving a spectacular golden light while the abundant lechwe nibbles the soft grass of the plain right in front of camp.

In the evenings another spectacular spectrum of colours can be witnessed as the sun sets on the western side of the camp. From both the afternoon activity as well as from camp one can take in this impressive African show.

During the month of July, the minimum temperatures fluctuated between 6 and 8 degrees Celsius, however temperatures rose each day to the warm mid-twenties. Though generally characterised by winds, the month of July was less windy compared to most seasons.

Wildlife sightings
The month brought with it much excitement as the Busanga Pride presented us with three brand-new cubs. This is great news as the pride’s numbers have dwindled over the last few years. After losing a brother, the surviving Busanga male lion adopted a young male to form a coalition, which seemed like a good idea to protect his territory. However, another male has been sighted and has been heard calling on several occasions within the Busanga Pride’s territory. When he calls, the two Busanga males respond but have never made an effort to find out who is in their territory. The questions we ask ourselves are: where did this stranger lion come from? Is he going to join the two Busanga males to form a bigger and stronger coalition? We are all waiting to see what is going to happen in the coming months.

Staying at Busanga Bush Camp does not confine you to the Busanga Plains. We schedule full day trips to the tree line area at the bottom of the Busanga Plains. It gives our guests the opportunity of seeing and experiencing different landscapes and, what’s more, in the previous months has produced great sightings of leopard and cheetah.

The huge herd of buffalo has continued to pay us visits at the camp. Guests always enjoy seeing these huge beasts grazing right in front of the camp’s main area. The Kafue lechwe and puku also patronise the camp premises. With all this game right at our doorstep it almost means that one doesn’t need to go out and look for it.

Guest Comments
“What a lovely place, I must have had the most exciting boat ride of my life. I still cannot believe how close we got to the hippos. Amazing” EG from New York

“Thanks to all you guys!!! We had a great time in BBC. What a wonderful staff, excellent food and never giving up drivers who wanted you to see all this beautiful wildlife thanks again” AR from Netherlands

“Sandy your knowledge of the plains was spectacular, Chips, Ned, Isaac the service was beyond our expectations. Thank you for sharing 3 days in paradise.” ES from Michigan

Staff in Camp
Camp Manageress: Chipasha Mwamba
Guides: Isaac Kalio, Sandy Sakala

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