Busanga Bush Camp - July 2014

Jul 31, 2014 Busanga Bush Camp
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Climate and Landscape
July continued to be rather cool with minimum temperatures around 4° Celsius and highs of around 26°. The chilly mornings created lots of mist over the river in front of the camp, making for spectacular sunrises and perfect afternoons for relaxing on our viewing deck.

As with last season, we are in awe of the lion activity we are having in the area. The Busanga Pride still roams between Busanga Bush Camp and Shumba Camp; however the Papyrus Pride has now moved into the area with our last season’s new males, the Musanza Boys, having joined it, applying pressure on the Busanga Males.

You would think that this is too many lions for the area, but in addition to these males we have another three boys that we haven’t met before now frequenting the area. Two of them have gorgeous blonde manes and the other we have dubbed Short Tail as his tail has been cut off just above the tail tuft. We are really worried about these three as they are a threat to last year’s six cubs that remain with their prides in the area. Three of the cubs are from the Busanga Pride while the others are from the Papyrus Pride.

Mr Busanga, our dominant male, was spotted mating with the Busanga females.

Other cats gracing us with their presence were some otherwise rarely-spotted cheetah, a serval with its kitten (that has made its home just outside Busanga Bush Camp) as well as a civet.

The Plains dried earlier than usual so we have many more birds arriving than we did last year at the same time. A yellow-billed kite has been seen carrying twigs around camp to make its nest nearby; bee-eaters, spoonbills, openbill storks, wattled cranes and hundreds of grey crowned cranes are now present too.

The antelope, not to be outdone, have also returned in large numbers. We had excellent sightings of sable and roan antelope in the Busanga Plains as well as wildebeest and Lichtenstein's hartebeest.

Guest comments
“Thank you very much for the feeling of home away from home.”

“A wonderful peaceful spot. I have never been on such a vast, serene plain before……a special experience. Thank you for a wonderful 3 days”

“Wonderful time!! Great show put on by Mr Busanga and his pride. Beautiful morning mist and great sunsets. Camp and staff excellent”

Staff in Camp
BBC staff are looking forward to what August has to offer!
Manager: Chipasha
Guides: JohnD, Sandy and Golden


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