Busanga Bush Camp - July 2017

Jul 5, 2017 Busanga Bush Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Busanga Bush Camp is small but it has a very romantic atmosphere and is rich in game sightings; here you enjoy the undivided attention of our jovial staff while the Plains are home to beautiful lions and elephants. This is your home away from home where all guests are treated as VIPs.

July is a particularly special month because of the morning mist that envelops the red lechwe and puku as the sun rises above the fig trees.

You haven’t truly ‘seen’ lechwe and puku until you sit watching them from the camp main area. Our new main area is surrounded by fig trees which attract a variety of bird species and monkeys while the elephants benefit from the fruit dropping to the ground. These huge beasts come in to feed and leave their 4x4 tracks around our main area.

This month we were lucky to have recorded 100% lion sightings; we also had a few sightings of leopard and cheetah, red lechwe, hippo, zebra, elephant, buffalo, reedbuck, waterbuck, bushbuck, puku, warthog, wildebeest, jackal, mongoose, porcupine, oribi, sable, kudu, crocodile, crowned cranes, wattled cranes as well as dark-capped bulbuls and many more species of birds – which we call the flowers of the vast Busanga Plains.

We experienced the most exciting game viewing with each day bringing its own surprise package. Seeing the different cats, bird species, antelope and other animals is the most wonderful experience, creating safari memories of a lifetime. Our expert guides offer their special touch, searching for the cats and explaining the expected movements upon seeing the tracks of the animal, putting guests into tracking mode with them. Then, finally, when they find the cat the guests are proud of having been part of the tracking process and the sighting is unforgettable.

Our sighting of the month was a leopard making her kill; unfortunately she was unable to secure the kill as, alas, a lion saw it and started fighting for it. Predictably, the lion won and he had a good supper. Shame for the leopard who had the task of hunting for another meal.


Camp Activities
The team created eye-catching experiences, especially for sundowners. Their guest interactions, the beautiful bush bars and opportunities for guests to view the many different birds, hippo and lion just a few metres away left lasting memories.

Staff News
The chefs displayed their culinary skills with mouth-watering, delicious meals. Front-of-house staff made sure the guests were kept safe at all times, since the elephants spent a lot of time in camp.

Guests Comments
“Peaceful, beautiful and wonderful! Great staff and fabulous food. Amazing wildlife and unique setting.”

“Thank you for making my first African safari and camp experience more than I could have asked for. You are all exceptional hosts and your kindness will forever be appreciated. I hope to see you all again.”

“Thank you very much for providing me with this once-in-a-life time experience and for your hospitality. I will highly recommend BBC to all of my friends. The staff are all fantastic and cater to all of your needs. And the food was excellent!”

BBC is unquestionably the one place you cannot afford to miss out in Kafue National Park!

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