Busanga Bush Camp - June 2014

Jun 30, 2014 Busanga Bush Camp
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Climate and Landscape
It’s a brand new season here on the Busanga Plains! We wish you all an amazing year with high spirits, stunning wildlife, beautiful sunsets and excellent service.

June is known to be a cold month and so it has been, with minimum temperatures of around 5° Celsius and a maximum of 20°. Generally the weather has been very good, with mist every morning at breakfast… it is so lovely watching the sunrise behind the mist.

Starting the season with such an abundance of wildlife gives us high expectations for the rest of 2014. We had lion hunting in the early morning just in front of Busanga Bush Camp, which our guests really loved. The king of the Busanga Pride, Mr Busanga, made an appearance towards the end of the month. Leopard and cheetah were also amazing on the Plains, and being unexpected, they really spiced up the sightings checklist.

Other interesting sightings this month have been of buffalo, wildebeest, hartebeest and elephant with their young mock-charging – and of course the plentiful puku and lechwe that are always in front of the camp.

Lions of the Busanga Plains, Busanga Bush Camp, Zambia

Camp Activities
Our guests were treated to lovely boat cruises around the hippo pools as well as great game drives in our open air game-viewing vehicles.

All the staff started the season with lots of energy and enthusiasm.

Guests Comments
“The view of the lions between the mist in the early morning was really awesome.”
“Fabulous friendly and charming employees. Never waited for anything from beginning to end. Well managed excellent.”
“We loved the warmth and hospitality of the staff, we felt like family from the moment we arrived.”

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