Busanga Bush Camp - October 2013

Oct 24, 2013 Busanga Bush Camp
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Weather and Landscape
October being the hottest month of the year, across the Busanga Plains high temperatures were experienced with the highest for the month a toasty 38 °C, and an average maximum of 34 °C. Towards the end of the month we experienced some very windy conditions which were occasionally accompanied by thunder showers. As the clouds built up, we experienced some breathtaking summer skies and sunsets, and viewing the incredible spectrum of colours in the sky from the camp deck was a highlight.

The month of October had many exciting lion experiences for our guests. The big Busanga male lion, Mr Busanga, commonly known as Barberton, and his young mate had a tough time battling it out with the coalition of the Musanza Males in their quest to secure the Busanga territory. On several occasions, it looked like the young Musanza Males had taken over the Busanga Plains but to everyone’s surprise after a short exile from his territory, Barberton and his counterpart reappeared and kicked the two Musanza Males out of their territory.

On the female feline side, the rest of the Busanga Pride is doing very well and the two young cubs appear to be thriving. Hopefully they are strong enough to survive the impending wet season.

On one occasion, all of the guests in camp saw a trio of feline predators – lion, leopard and cheetah were seen on one afternoon drive!

General game sightings have been abundant, and one cannot disagree that Kafue has one of the highest antelope diversities around – the number of different species is quite staggering. As the area has dried up, we find the elephants are venturing out of the woodland fringes onto the plains – affording us some great sightings.

Birds and Birding
Birding was nothing short of spectacular this month. Some very rare and unique species to the area were seen including wattled and crowned cranes, rosy-throated longclaw and Luapula cisticola.

Guest Comments
“An unspoilt paradise shared for too short a time. Stunning scenery, tranquillity and wildlife. Lovely staff making the experience even more rewarding. Our only regret? Leaving too early. Thank you friends for a peep into your world....”

“Everything about our stay was fantastic. The team, animals and the food. Thanks to everyone for making this happen.”

“Lived up to all my expectations. Addictive camp - see you next year.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Chipasha Mwamba
Guides: Isaac Kalio and Sandy Sakala


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