CITW Bovet School Eco-Mentor Training Workshop

Aug 25, 2016 Community and Culture
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Children in the Wilderness’ Bongani Baloyi hosted a two-day training workshop for 17 educators (including a deputy principal) at our Johannesburg offices last month.

The purpose of the workshop was to introduce the teachers to Children in the Wilderness and its programmes as well as to train them to become Eco-Mentors by upgrading skills in their environmental understanding so that they are able to start and run Eco-Clubs; also to enable them to better implement school and village environmental projects and initiatives.

Bovet Primary school is our newest partner school in the Johannesburg area.

Some of the topics covered included…

  • what Eco-Clubs are and why to form them
  • what is an Eco-Mentor and what does it mean to be an Eco-Mentor
  • CITW teaching and learning styles such as the Flow Learning Technique and Intentional Programming, Enquiry-based Learning as well as Learning Modalities
  • the Eco-Club curriculum and how to use the curriculum book as well as how to conduct lesson plans and activities.

Amongst others, the following lessons plans were covered…

  • Web of life
  • Respect – how are we coming along
  • The importance of appreciation
  • Tippy Taps, animal adaptations
  • Water cycle
  • Plants in our school grounds.

Quotes from some of the teachers

“In particular, I have learnt about the web of life, which means we need each other in life and we must respect the ecosystems, the environment and all natural things.” – Mudzimu TS, Deputy Principal.

“My expectations were met. I now look forward to starting an Eco-Club at our school and make awareness on how to save the environment” – J Mashava.

Written and photographed by Bongani Baloyi, CITW Regional Programme Coordinator

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By Bongani Baloyi

Bongani Baloyi is CITW's Regional Programme Coordinator, assisting Dr Sue Snyman with various projects as well as playing a role in assisting with developing a standardised curriculum for the Youth Environmental Stewardship (YES) programme and assisting on Mentor/Teacher training in the regions. Bongani is a graduate in Administration and Management from Tshwane University of Technology with extensive experience in stakeholder relationships and working with communities, CBOs and NGOs. A stint with Statistics South Africa also gained him invaluable administrative experience. He has previously worked as the CITW Eco-Club Community Liaison in his home village, Makuleke in Limpopo Province. As the Implementation Officer in the Makuleke Communal Property Association, he was involved in the implementation and stakeholder liaison of various community projects at grassroots level.

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