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Mar 17, 2015 Community and Culture
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CITW’s Scholarship Programme aspires to provide hope and inspiration to children who do well academically but whose parents are unable to send them on to secondary school…

An important part of our Children In The Wilderness programme structure is our Scholarship Programme. In almost all the areas where we operate primary education is free, but secondary schooling usually has a fee attached to it. For this reason, a large majority of children will only ever complete their primary schooling.

A particular young man who has captured our attention is Mainza Mweemba who lives in Sinde Village near Livingstone, Zambia.

Mainza Mweemba, CITW Scholarship Candidate

Mainza is the oldest child in a family of six (three boys and three girls) and is the only school-goer from the Sinde community to have finished Grade 12 with distinctions in all grades and to be accepted to the Copperbelt University in Zambia.

Mainza‘s father does not work and depends on piece work and charcoal burning to support the family. Mainza is looking for financial support to study medicine at the University. He has been provisionally accepted to study medicine and is expected to be in class on 16th April 2015.

Mainza is a superb role model for the Sinde community and his ability to further his education will inspire more young children to study hard at school. Mainza would like to work for his community once he completes his seven- year training in medicine.

The course fees are K22, 500 or $3214.28 per year or $1071.42 per each term.

Mainza’s Future Goals
Mainza will be the first medical doctor to be produced by Sinde Village and besides working for the community, his vision is to inspire more children to study hard at school and give back to their community.

Mainza’s ‘Report Card’
Date of Birth: 12-04-1992
School: Hillcrest Technical School
Year: 2014
Academic Ability: Excellent
Position in Class: 1
Pass Mark: 98%
Guardian: Fauster Mweemba
Village: Sinde, Zambia

For more information, please see the overview of our Scholarship Programme or email CITW Programme Director Dr Sue Snyman at  

Or have a look at the overviews of our Zimbabwe and Zambia Scholarship Programmes.

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By Sue Snyman

Sue Snyman, PhD, is the Wilderness community and culture Guru, having recently completed research on the impact of concessions on the surrounding communities in southern Africa.

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