Damaraland Camp - December 2012

Jan 21, 2013 Damaraland Camp
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Weather and Landscape
December was a very hot month for all in Damaraland, with the temperatures cooling off a little at night. We did experience a couple of rain showers, but we are still waiting for more rain to fall in the coming months.

This month saw the return of the elusive Tuskless Herd of elephants to the Huab Valley. This herd is known for its shyness towards people, so it is always a treat to see them, even if it is from a distance away.

After an absence of more than a month from the Huab Valley, the Huab Pride of lion has returned. We suspect that this pride has been spending the last month in the Springbok Valley. We enjoyed two sightings of this pride during the month, and hopefully we will get to enjoy their presence in the area more frequently in the coming months.

General game viewing has been pretty good, especially after the rains had rejuvenated some of the vegetation. It truly is amazing what a small amount of rain can do in this desert environment.

Community News
As mentioned in previous newsletters, a project is under way to protect the village's livestock against predation form the resident lion pride. Good headway has been made as the material that will be used to build protective fences around the cattle posts, has arrived - and just in time as the Huab Pride has returned to the area.

The camp was also paid a visit by Dr. Marnitz, who came to inspect the upgraded kindergarten at Bergsig. The kindergarten will also host the eye clinic which is being generously sponsored by Dr. Marnitz.

Guest Comments
"For me this was a goodbye stay, I will miss my Wilderness family. Everything was a highlight, a truly wonderful stay and I will spread the word of this desert jewel. I have found the people here to be proud of their area and heritage, happy to share their knowledge and are passionate about their camp."

"Our guide Anthony was amazing as he had a strong knowledge of birds and plants. The team is extremely passionate about what they do!"

"The boma dinner was great with excellent singing."

"We enjoyed the shepherd walk with Zuma. Our elephant tracking experiences with Pascalis were fantastic; he is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate guide. All of the staff were brilliant - so friendly and helpful, many thanks to Maggie for the wonderful dinner and breakfast experiences. We really enjoyed our stay."

Camp News
This month we bid farewell to Johann Cloete, who has now moved to Desert Rhino Camp. We wish him all the best with his new venture. Johan was replaced by Pascalis Kazimbu.

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