Damaraland Camp - January 2013

Jan 15, 2013 Damaraland Camp
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Weather and Landscape
The weather has been quite dynamic this month, with ups and downs. The days would start off cool, but warm up rapidly, cooling off again at night. Some days even hinted the possibility of rain. We did receive a few small bouts of rain, and on one occasion we all got rained on while enjoying a boma dinner. We are hoping for more rain in the coming months.
Late afternoons have been quite windy as the breeze blew in from the Atlantic Ocean, picking up dust as it blows inland, and creating some pretty dramatic sunrises.
The elephant herds have been obliging this month as they have spent much time along the Huab River, allowing us some great views of them. Kudu have also been very prolific in the area and were seen on most days hanging around the camp area at sunset.
On the predatory side, the Huab Pride of lion has returned to the area, allowing our guests some great views. These felines are quite shy and are best viewed from a distance, otherwise they tend to flee.
This month, we offered our guests a rhino tracking experience and were very lucky to find a mother and calf - a very special and rewarding sighting after tracking them.
Camp News
On the 9th of January we invited members of the Torra Conservancy for a meeting with camp managers and staff to discuss concession matters. The meeting was a huge success and camp guides took the opportunity to share their knowledge with each other and community members. Guide trainer, Festus Mabinga, was also at camp and spent some time enriching everyone's knowledge on astronomy.
The camp has started to offer a new activity which is known as 'De Riet Tea Time'. This activity is focused on the local community and guests visit the locals for afternoon tea - gaining some insight in their day-to-day lives.
Guest Comments
"We loved the sunrise breakfasts, boma dinners and the elephant tracking! The staff singing was fantastic."
"The camp was very welcoming and hospitable. From the moment we arrived we felt very comfortable - a paradise location."
"It was incredible to see the desert elephants, but for us the highlight was the friendliness of the staff!"
Staff in Camp
Managers: Maggie Vries, Erika Awaras, Schalk Burger and Eddy Skrywer.
Guides: Anthony Dawids, Pascalis Kazimbu, Albert Gaoseb and Willem Retief.

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