Damaraland Camp - July 2013

Aug 5, 2013 Damaraland Camp
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We have mostly been experiencing summer-like weather this month with 30 degrees Celcius and up during the day and 15 -20 at night and mornings. We did have a short week where it was extremely cold and no one wanted to get out of bed and move until the sun was out and warmed everything up. During that time there was a nice dense cloud of fog in the Huab River.

Even if the elephants are a long way away from us we are able to track them down and our guides are giving everyone a good time. We had a wonderful sighting of a newborn baby elephant learning to use its trunk which was very comical to watch. We also had the great excitement of seeing four cheetah wandering around in the area of De-Riet.

Camp and Community
A guest from one of our OAT groups decided to spend a night at De-Riet to encounter the feeling of being together with local people.

The school kids in conjunction with the Environmental Division at Wilderness took a day to clean the park at Terrace Bay. It was a trip of having fun and learning as well as being near the sea.

A new building project has been started at De-Riet for a new tea time spot. This is a joint venture with Damaraland Camp and Doro Nawas to help build the community.

Guest’s Comments
“Meeting village people, breakfast on a mountain, lunch under the trees, dinner in the open, and singing! Desert adapted elephants.”

“Absolutely wonderful set up and commitment & conservation, an example for all.”

“The warm welcome with singing staff, the aperitif on the hill, the dinner with candles outside the camp was so romantic, the friendly staff.”

“Everything was perfect from beginning to end. I loved the choir and hand written notes in the room at night.”

“The highlight of our stay was the welcoming attitude of the whole staff and in particular of our guide Emmanuel, who was extremely passionate and friendly.’

In camp this month we welcome:
Willem Mutinga as Head Guide
Lona Frey as Assistant Manager
Emanuel Kasoma as Guide

Staff in Camp
Maggie Vries- Manager
Willem Retief – Asst Manager
William Williams – F & B Manager
Lona Frey – Asst Manager
Willem Mutinga – Head Guide
Charles Gaingob – Guide
Usko Hanghuwo – Guide
Emmanuel Kasoma - Guide

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