Damaraland Camp - March 2013

Mar 12, 2013 Damaraland Camp
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Weather and Landscape
February left us with high expectations for rain in March, but unfortunately we only received a few small drizzles and cloudy days, but no serious rain. Generally speaking, the temperatures were quite high, but things would cool down a bit in the afternoon as the cool breeze rolled in from the Atlantic Ocean. The mornings have been a little chilly, a reminder that winter is knocking on the door. The landscape was cloaked in mist on a few mornings, which was burnt off as the sun heated the landscape. The afternoon winds coupled with the dry conditions did create some dusty situations here and there.

As the landscape becomes drier and drier, the herds and congregations of wildlife have split up and spread out in a quest to search for moisture and palatable food. Game sightings along the Huab River have been rather good, as we often encountered kudu, oryx, steenbok, baboon, ostrich, springbok and elephant along this ephemeral river.

On the subject of desert-adapted elephant, we are pleased to report that both the Oscar and Rosie Herds have returned to the area. We have often seen the two herds together, creating a large group of 26 individuals. A bachelor herd of five bulls has been following these breeding herds throughout the month.

Along the Springbok River we have seen giraffe, Hartmann’s mountain zebra and rock hyrax – species that are not too common along the Huab River and so round off the experience nicely.

Birding has also been productive this month, as many raptor species are preparing to nest. We have enjoyed some outstanding mammal sightings when out birding. On one occasion, we came across a black rhino which was a huge bonus.

Community News
Jacob Basson Combined School at Bergsig received a generous donation from camp guest, Mr Monko. The donation was then used to purchase two washing machines. The entire school and hostel staff would like to thank Mr Monko for his donation and care for the community.

Guest Comments
“We have been here before, loved our stay here again and will definitely see you in the future.”

“Charles was a spectacular guide who went out of his way to accommodate our interests."

“The visit to the local school was very interesting; also meeting local people gave us some insight to how people and animals survive in the desert area.”

“Our highlights were the warm welcome, the beautiful singing, the breath-taking bush breakfast, the desert elephants, the romantic bush dinner, Maggie’s bubbly personality and Willem’s calm and knowledgeable company.”

“We love the kindness shown by everyone, the dinner when there was singing and our own guide Usko was amazing. He really knows a lot about everything and how to explain it.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Maggie Vries and Helen Awa.
Guides: Willem Retief, Pascalis Kazimbu, Usko and Charles Gaingob.

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