Damaraland Camp - May 2013

Jun 7, 2013 Damaraland Camp
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Weather and Landscape
May was unusually hot, as a warm and dry easterly wind blew across the area. This however was counteracted by the cool westerly winds that blow in from the cold Atlantic Ocean. Temperatures would range anywhere between 10 – 40° C, so a variety of clothing was needed in order to be comfortable. The windy conditions have presented us with crystal-clear azure skies by day and ink-black skies dotted with millions of stars by night.

As the landscape dries out further, the desert-adapted elephants have proven difficult to find this month as they have been ranging further in their search for food and water. It seems that they have moved to the Peters Pool area. Interestingly, we came across a new herd this month which was moving through the conservancy - hopefully they will stick around for a while so that we can document them a little better.

General game sightings have been rather good, and this, coupled with the breathtaking scenery and busy birding, has created a great safari experience for all our guests. The most common herbivores seen this month were Hartmann’s mountain zebra, kudu and steenbok.

Lions have been seen on occasion and we have heard them calling in the distance quite often.

Camp News
Damaraland Camp was selected as one of National Geographic Traveler's 25 Best Ecolodges. Well done Damaraland Camp!

Children from the Jacob Basson Combined School visited camp this month and interacted with guests. All of our guests were thrilled to meet the children and were interested to see and learn about the unique community connection which Damaraland Camp has with the local people.

The camp choir took part in a singing competition which was hosted by WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) and was up against formidable competition. We are pleased to announce that our team took top honours – congratulations!

Guest Comments
“Dear D Camp team thanks for the extra effort and attention to small details. All of you are great people, we have found place in our hearts for you. I didn’t even know there were mountain zebra until I saw one. It is amazing how you and all the flora and fauna can do so much with sparse resources. We all can learn from it.”

“The staff was excellent. The boma dinner was superb."

“What a warm and friendly place, very well run with a great ambience and very friendly feeling. We loved the scenic vistas and mountains around camp – a great location! Thanks to all.”

“The staff added extra flair in the walk to make things just that much better. Pack lunches were luxurious compared to expectations. Plenty of drinks during the drives to stay hydrated.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Maggie Vries, Aune Aumoone, William Willemse and Eunice Karigus.
Guides: Willem Retief, Pascalis Kazimbu, Usko Hanghuwo and Charles Gaingob.

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