Damaraland Camp - October 2013

Oct 30, 2013 Damaraland Camp
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As is typical of the desert in summer we have been experiencing cool nights and hot days. As the sun sets, our mercury drops to between 10 and 15 degrees Celsius and then warms up when the sun rises to staggering 35 to 48 degrees. The west wind also picks up around lunch time, blowing a wall of dust in the air. On some days, we have even had the promise of rain, but nothing as yet.

The elephant have been moving around but remaining within the area, making them easy to spot this month. The current group has been moving up and down the Huab River, where the young calf has been seen comically challenging our game drive vehicles. There have also been three young males following the group, with the oldest bull exhibiting a remarkable personality and showing off his great tusks.

This month has been excellent for spotting other animals as well. We had quite a surprise when a young black rhino bull was spotted running on the airstrip. After that day only tracks of the young bull were seen, but he is evidently still in the area.

We have been seeing a lot of predator movement lately, with a cheetah being sighted almost every week. It was wonderful one morning to hear a lion from our bush breakfast spot.

Guest comments

“Delightful staff”.

“Great vegetarian meals”.

“Don’t change a thing”.

“Impressed that the staff learned our names”.

“We loved the dinner with the staff singing”.

Camp and Community
The De Riet community had its annual festival. There were officials and locals from all corners of Namibia that came to participate; even the elephants arrived to take a look at what was going - on from a distance.

Managers and Guides in Camp
Maggie Vries – Manager
Lorna – Assistant Manager
Willem Retief – Assistant Manager
Willem Mutinga – Head Guide
Emanuel Kasoma – Guide
Charles Gaingob – Guide
David Kooper - Guide

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