Davison's Camp - August 2013

Sep 13, 2013 Davison's Camp
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Landscape, Vegetation and Weather
Our landscapes have been radically changed by the variable weather patterns since the beginning of the year up to this month. This year’s winter season didn’t do much damage to the vegetation as it was mild in comparison to last year’s winter.

August is a transitional month that marks the end of the winter season and beginning of summer season. Temperatures were still nippy in the morning and the skies were mostly clear during the day while nights offered an opportunity for good star-gazing due to lack of cloud cover. Towards the end of the month some days were windy.

This month has been impressive but not as prolific as others. The kori bustards are at it again doing their displays to attract a mate. We also spotted a number of juvenile raptors like the bateleur and martial eagle. The yellow-billed kites are back, a clear marker of the beginning of summer.

Wildlife Sightings
Lion sightings for the month were impressive and seeing lionesses with cubs was enough to leave our guests stunned. Moreover, observing two mating lions was an eye-opening experience, especially as our guests saw the whole affair taking place, from the initial phase of courtship to the passionate throes.

Leopards were elusive this month but we did catch a glimpse of them once, leaving the adrenaline pumping. Cheetah viewings, on the other hand, were excellent. A sighting of a male cheetah that executed a sub-adult sable near Back Pans was just spectacular. The sighting of the pack of seven wild dog running along the road from the airstrip to Makalolo was the icing on the cake.

This month has been marked by an increase of animal movement towards the waterholes. This movement is compelled by the fact that unless we pump water (via a borehole and using diesel or wind power) into the waterholes, they dry up - as is the case in a lot of Hwange. This explains why game viewing was excellent in our concession where we monitor and pump some 22 waterholes.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Sibs and Elizabeth
Trainee Manager: Avias
Pro-guides: Sibs and Peter
Leaner guides: Brian, Eustace, Mike
General staff: Bernard, Greement, Lashani, Malaki, Mathius, Nicholas, Priviledge, Sijabuliso, Solomon, Victor, Vusa, Cosma

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