Davison's Camp - March 2017

Mar 18, 2017 Davison's Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The vivid green bush is fading now as the season changes. The game trails are paradise for chestnut-backed sparrowlarks and doves that enjoy the seeds that drop from the grasses. The woodlands are still thick with signs of animal movement, though much of the game still concentrates on the open plains.

The teak trees are blooming now, showing off their beautiful purple flowers; what a treat for the giraffe enjoying the soft flowers. Dirty-yellow flowers are starting to drop, making carpets along the pathways. The aroma from the terminalias still fills the air, providing a refreshing scent which everyone appreciates.

Beautiful skies day and night were embellished by a few clouds overhead on occasion. It was an average month for star gazing, although some nights were very clear and most of the constellations were visible.

Towards the end of the month temperatures started dropping, a good sign that the rains are over and we are to welcome winter. The lowest temperature was 10° Celsius and the highest 36° C. We were blessed with a little rain and recorded 96 mm.

Guests had fantastic safari experiences seeing many animals around Davison’s. You can definitely say it is a productive safari when guests are taken by surprise by the amazing sightings around camp.

Three different packs of wild dogs were seen in the area, with one sighting right in front of camp at the waterhole. A few impala were harassed and lost one of their family members. It seems cruel but Mother Nature is amazing as the poor animal did not even scream when the ravaging dogs took it. It was so quick and you could tell it was only a starter for the 18 dogs. They did not waste time after eating either, having a quick drink, a quick shower and trotting off into the bush, hunting for more.

Cheetah were spotted on numerous occasions – one pair is the coalition of two males roaming around and increasing their territory. Together they have formed a formidable partnership and it will be difficult for any solitary males to chase them within their own territory. The mother and five cubs are still together too. These young stars are mature now and ready to start their own lives. They have been trained very well and on a number of occasions we saw them killing impala while the mother watched. Obviously they need to thoroughly polish their skills to survive in the wild.

We are counting the days in anticipation of leopard cubs as guests had a huge treat seeing a couple mating, with the pair’s groaning attracting a couple of jackals. It was amazing to see the reaction of the male leopard towards the jackals. He charged and scattered them before running back to attend to his mistress. She did not bother looking at the vehicle, nor at the jackals, which were howling and making their presence known to other animals.

As far as general game is concerned, there is still a great concentration of wildlife in the area.

Guests Comments
“Game drives, eating and camp service. Loved all.”

“Apart from the animals, I was enjoying the bush drives at this time of the year when the land scape is so lush and green.”

“The guide was wonderful, managers and the staff, Food top quality and of course the area and wildlife.”

“Elephants and the giraffe, watching and listing to Godfrey talking about the animals.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Themba and Buhle Sibanda
Assistant Managers: Marvelous and Tinashe
Pro Guides: Themba and Godfrey
Learner Guides: Richard, Mike, Paul and Douglas



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