Davison's Camp - October 2012

Nov 19, 2012 Davison's Camp
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Weather and Landscape
October was a scorching hot month with temperatures as high as 37 degrees Celsius! We received the first rainfall showers in anticipation of bigger storms in November.

The dry, parched soils were quenched by 12 mm of rain which was all sucked in by the thirsty land. The dry and dull vegetation responded rapidly to the showers as the trees changed to a luscious green colour.

The month ended on a very high note with the lion coalition feasting on a buffalo in front of camp. The kill took place in the early hours of the morning right in front of Tent 9. Guests heard some noises in the morning and all wondered what it was, although we were sure that one soul had been lost to the lions. The coalition spent another three to four days guarding its feast jealously and calling every night - providing excitement for the guests.

Elephant have still been coming to the front of camp to drink from the pan, however, only in small numbers as they have spread around the area now. The few that enjoy the "taste" of Ostrich Pan waters still came along together with a procession of zebra, kudu, and baboon to mention but a few. A leopard was also spotted every now and again coming for an evening drink at the waterhole. What a joy to the guests!

Birds and Birding
Bird sightings are multiplying as migratory birds are continuously arriving in our concession. Some of these migratory birds have been spotted around the camp as well. The resident racket-tailed roller has been displaying and showing off its beautiful colours along the forest line right in camp while the green wood-hoopoe that was nesting at the camp in the last couple of months has a healthy clutch of chicks now. The nests of tawny eagles and vultures are now painted snow white by the droppings of the fledglings. Finally, the red-crested korhaans have also been seen a number of times doing their elaborate mating displays. This flaunt has left guests wanting some more!

Camp Activities
Last month we completed the construction of our log pile hide and our guests have thoroughly enjoyed using the hide this month, as some incredible sightings were enjoyed. Viewing the wildlife at close range while they wallow in the mud is really exciting and creates some amazing photo opportunities.

Guest Comments
"The welcoming and kindness of the staff, the very delicious meals, and our guide who found the leopard on the last night. It was all great."

"Lovely and clean camp, very comfortable. Food was great, excellent wildlife up to beyond expectation. Staff on the ball! Great wildlife viewing."

"The welcome and helpfulness of the staff. Beautiful camp - really lovely and a special place to visit. Excellent game drives and it was great to be so near the animals. I definitely want to come back."

"We are so sad to that we have to leave this paradise."

Staff in Camp
Managers: Themba, Buhle and Eugene.
Guides: Themba, Brian, Robert and Livingstone.

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