Desert Rhino Camp – July 2014

Jul 31, 2014 Desert Rhino Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The weather at Desert Rhino Camp had many personalities in July including cold, warm, windy, pleasant and misty. There were no predictable patterns!

July was a month of wonderful nature experiences and wildlife stories. It was also the month of the lesser-seen wildlife – like the rare and secretive giant plated lizard of which we had many sightings. An Explorations guide and a keen nature lover for decades saw one for the first time with us at Secret Valley.

Lizzards at Desert Rhino Camp

Another memorable sighting was a fantastic view of a bushveld elephant-shrew sunning itself on a rock on a cold afternoon drive. Guests also had several sightings of meerkat (suricate) with the best being a family group with three lively youngsters.

July also marked the return of the desert-adapted elephant and giraffe to the Desert Rhino Camp area after their wet season wanderings. Our tracking and viewing of the desert-adapted black rhino remained the most special of experiences with our guests. On one of our tracking expeditions the intrepid walkers even encountered a leopard on foot!

Desert adapted animals - Desert Rhino Camp

It was a good month to see spotted hyaena as they were very active. We found a clan of five one morning with the youngest member carrying a piece of springbok skin back to their resting spot for the day. At least it’s tastier than hooves and horns! Our endemic rock crushers, the Hartmann’s mountain zebra has also provided a lot of entertainment for our guests while out tracking black rhino.

Spotted Hyeana at Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia

Hartman's Zebrea - Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia

Camp News
We had a little hyaena family setting up home between the main area and the staff village: a mother and two young. They also had occasional clan visitors.

This month we also said farewell to Albert one of our guides, who has moved over to Damaraland Camp. Gift fills his place now at Desert Rhino Camp. Gift was guiding in and around the Etosha area before moving to the desert to be with us.

Guest Comments
Desert Rhino Camp is an amazing place, we loved every minute of it from the welcome song and wet towels, to the rhino charging, and every moment was magical. Each of the staff knew our names, they shared stories and made sure we build memories. We are very grateful and will come back to see you all.

Staff in Camp
Elfrieda, Camp Manager; Queen, Housekeeping Manager; Lilian, F&B Manager; Simon, Maintenance Manager

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