Desert Rhino Camp - July 2015

Jul 1, 2015 Desert Rhino Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The weather this month was a wow for both guests and the entire Desert Rhino Camp staff! Almost every morning we experienced mist over the spectacularly beautiful red volcanic Etendeka Mountains around camp. During the day the sun would burn off the mist, but the temperature remained cool and the air moist. We had constant winds coming in from the Atlantic Ocean.

This year we did not receive a lot of rain but still the wildlife and landscape seems to be in perfect shape and harmony with the month of July 2015 – and continuing to provide overwhelming rhino sightings.

We had a sighting of a beautiful one-week-old rhino and many other youngsters of varying ages. Many of the rhino have been dehorned for security reasons yet still, most of them were not shy to give us outstanding sightings, even without their horns, on every rhino tracking activity.
Rhinos at Desert Rhino Camp, Namibia

A rare sighting was also provided by two lions: a male and female on their own, basking in the warm sun. The two were not terribly bothered by us viewing them at fairly close quarters and we had several more sightings of them during the month in the same area.
Lions at Desert Rhino Camp, Namibia

A sighting of a lioness with cubs provided another extraordinary introduction to July for us. We had many sightings of gemsbok (oryx) with their calves, a honey badger with young ones, Hartmann’s mountain zebra calves, giraffe young, bat-eared foxes with pups and lastly, new hyaena cubs at the den near camp.

Camp Activities
And still sundowners have not lost their special ability to take guests’ breath away at Desert Rhino Camp. Every sundowner had its unique way of ending a day filled with adventures. Due to the fog we had almost every morning, the sunrises were not bad either and one could get confused looking at pictures and not being able to make out if it was sunrise or sunset!

Guest Comments
“Seeing the mom and baby rhinoceros, the game drives and the singing from the group”
“Compliments to the chef and the whole kitchen crew. The service team was also a highlight with their happy and joyful way of serving the dinner”
“Mating lions sighting, black rhino baby, birthday cake! Great singing! Wonderful staff”

Camp News
The staff continued with the garden setup in the staff village, even while facing the challenges of small wildlife eating their newly-growing seeds. They persevered and because of their positive attitude we now have a fully-grown carrot garden.

We welcomed Jeffrey Florry as an extra guide to the team.

Staff in Camp
Elfrieda (Manager)
Queen (Housekeeping)
Simon (Maintenance)
Lilian (F&B)
Johann (Head Guide), Tamite, Bons and Bennie (Guides)

Hyaena at Desert Rhino Camp, Namibia

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