Desert Rhino Camp - June 2013

Jul 18, 2013 Desert Rhino Camp
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This month we have been dominated, on a number of mornings, by easterly winds and we have noticed that as July approaches the days and nights are getting colder. The landscape is slowly showing its true desert features as we move towards the heart of the dry season.

Guests had 100% success rate in tracking rhino in June. Some days proved very challenging especially when the winds were blowing from early morning, erasing the tracks of any rhinos into barely discernible signs of their presence. However the skill and determination of our Save the Rhino trackers always produced good sightings. Raymond, one of the guides, always tells guests that tracking rhino is a matter of ‘patience and an open mind’ - and indeed these are qualities needed on the long days spent looking for these great animals. Fortunately this is the exception and not the norm and some days we have come across them in just minutes of leaving camp.

This month we also regularly saw desert-adapted elephant bulls and on a few occasions we even spotted lion. One such sighting was a female lion with her three cubs at the Agab-Uniab junction. We don’t know if she is part of the Obob Pride or Axab Pride who reside in the area.

In and around camp we have also had a lot of action. Seven members of the Axab Pride skillfully chased an oryx into the fence of the staff village and devoured the whole carcass in just 15 minutes. Spotted hyaenas were also seen killing a zebra between the camp and the staff village.

Camp News
Our new interior furnishings and decor for the main area and rooms have arrived and the place looks awesome. It has added more warmth and friendliness visually to the character of the camp.

Our bush dinners and surprise picnic lunches continue to wow the guests. The surprise sundowners done by the camp for the guests out in the bush are also received with much enthusiasm!

Guest News

‘A wonderfully warm & friendly camp, we have felt at home here. The staff is all exceptional. Nestor is a superb guide’ – Madden

‘We have had a very memorable stay. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming into their “family”. We have learned a lot about the conservation program which is so important, and we wish you well for the future.’ – Sue Ogden

Staff News
DRC welcomes Aune Amoomo as a relief Assistant Manager helping out while Thereza Kahorongo is on maternity leave. We also welcome Annetjie Hebach who is on the housekeeping team and Simon as one of our new Maintenance Managers. New to the maintenance team is Trevor Florry and spicing up the staff kitchen now is Bertha Gases.

Managers & Guides
Elfrieda Hebach (Manager)
Aune Amoomo (Relief manager)
Simon (Assistant Manager)
Erika Awaras (Assistant manager)
Johann Cloete (Guide)
Aloysius Waterboer (Guide)
Raymond Roman (Guide)
Nestor (Guide)

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