Desert Rhino Camp – June 2014

Jun 30, 2014 Desert Rhino Camp
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Climate and Landscape
June kick-started winter at Desert Rhino Camp with some Atlantic fog in the mornings, but which brought a lot of the desert-adapted species to the area. There were some mornings where we had very strong winds from the east which had rhino tracking becoming a full-day activity across the entire Palmwag Concession – but the outings were always ultimately successful. The temperatures have fluctuated with some evenings ranging around 22-20° Celsius and others slightly lower.

Wildlife sightings have been great this month. June was the month of ‘unknown’ rhino as we had quite a few newcomers entering the Desert Rhino Camp exclusive zone from other areas such as the Torra Conservancy and Northern Concession. These rhino, even though they are unknown to our Save the Rhino Trust team, are known to the other tracking teams from the respective areas.

Black Rhino ad Desert Rhino Camp in Namibia

We also had some good lion sightings from two prides: the Auob and Axab Prides. The Axab pride has three new cubs.

June also saw the return of two wandering mega-fauna: the desert-adapted elephant and giraffe. Both species have been out of the area since the start of the rainy season but have slowly begun making a return to their dry season/winter zones.

We also had the occasional leopard and cheetah sighting, with spotted hyaena always adding that extra excitement on our drives. We also had a handful of views of the very secretive members of the hyaena family: the brown hyaena and the aardwolf. Towards the end of June we started enjoying more sightings of aardwolf since they are forced to feed on diurnal harvester termites (which possess more pigmentation than other termites and can function in the sun). The other, nocturnal, species of termite goes dormant in winter, relying on their food stores.

Camp News
Desert Rhino Camp
welcomes Lilian to the family, filling the Food & Beverage Manager’s position and taking charge of the kitchen and front of house.

We bid farewell to Erwin who will be joining Doro Nawas as a guide.

Guest Comments
“To the Desert Rhino Camp Family:Thank you so much for your warmth, friendliness and hospitality during our stay. You are so lucky to live in this beautiful wilderness with its spectacular scenery and ever changing landscape which we have enjoyed so much. The highlight has to be our day out rhino tracking and finding "Don’t Worry" - amazing experience and adrenalin rush. Keep up the great work you are all doing to safeguard these incredible animals.”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Elfrieda (Camp), Simon (Maintenance), Lilian (F&B) , Queen (Housekeeping)Guides: Johann (Head guide), Ali, Hilary, Albert

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