Desert Rhino Camp - June 2015

Jun 1, 2015 Desert Rhino Camp
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Climate and Landscape
June was a month with many moods. Around mid-month we experienced a few early mornings where the thermometer was close to zero degrees – bone chilling but great for rhino tracking as the colder days make the rhino more active here in the desert! We also had quite a bit of easterly weather that caused warm, windy days.

June saw the slow return of desert-adapted elephant to our camp and we had one bull and two breeding herds passing through our area.

Our rhino tracking expeditions continued to have a 100% success during June. Three rhino bulls have moved into an area with springs very close to Desert Rhino Camp, providing incredible rhino sightings half an hour into the drive on some mornings!

Several sightings of cheetah this month particularly excited our guests while the spotted hyaena (our Onkara Clan) and their young kept guests entertained on our visits to the den site.

The desert-adapted lion were quiet this month though we did manage a few sightings of this elusive cat during the month. The colder weather encouraged the harvester termites to be active in the early afternoons, leading to more aardwolf sightings than usual. Unfortunately these amazing-looking animals are just too fast for us to get a truly good picture of them.

Camp News
Hyaenas! Our spotted friends caused us a few sleepless nights after they started chewing cushions that strew the day beds on the guest tent decks.

In June we had two free days which we used to spring-clean all the tents and the main area. We also elephant-proofed one of our drains after a bull elephant broke it. This month we also converted to Land Cruiser vehicles for our safaris after many years of game drives in Land Rovers.

Guest Comments
“We chose DRC with high expectations and I can only say that these expectations have been exceeded in every way I could not have imagined a more magical stay. “Rhino tracking and the surprise dinner under the stars, but the whole stay was a highlight!” “All the personnel were super knowledgeable and very hospitable. We loved seeing the rhinos and learning so much.”

Staff in Camp
Elfrieda (General Manager)
Queen (Housekeeping Manager)
Simon (Maintenance Manager)
Lilian (F&B Manager)
Johann (Head Guide), Tamite, Bons and Bennie (Guides)

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