Desert Rhino Camp - November 2012

Dec 4, 2012 Desert Rhino Camp
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Weather and Landscape
Summer is definitely here! During the month we experienced mild to hot days with the average temperatures ranging from 20-35° C during the day and 15-20° C at night.

Due to the lack of precipitation, the land is barren - dominated by yellow grass. The mopane trees have started to sprout new growth but the dominant feature of the landscape are the Damaraland euphorbias. We wait with eager anticipation for the arrival of the summer rains.

It has been an exciting month as we have experienced some fantastic sightings. As mentioned above, the landscape is currently parched thus causing the wildlife to venture further in search for greener pastures. Despite this we still had fantastic sightings of general game while out on activity as we encountered springbok, oryx, kudu, steenbok, klipspringer, Hartmann's mountain zebra and giraffe. These congregations often created awesome photographic opportunities for our guests. The pronking springbok were always a favourite. Desert elephant also featured on the sightings list for the month.

On the predatory front, the camp was visited frequently by a number of spotted hyaena. We were very excited when we had sightings of the desert lions. We were lucky to have a good few encounters of these incredible predators.

Rhino sightings have been great and we have managed to collect a good deal of research data. A couple new individuals were recorded moving into the area and all the regular residents are doing great. All guests which went on a rhino tracking excursion were really impressed and blown away by the entire experience, many of them managing to get great photos.

Birds and Birding
Birding was good this month as many of the summer migrants have arrived, supplementing the already prolific avifauna of the area.

We had great sightings of black-chested snake-eagle, pale-chanting goshawk and marabou stork. The marabou stork is quite a rare sighting for us.

Guest Comments
"We loved Desert Rhino Camp! Don't change anything."

"I really loved the design, the location and overall atmosphere of the camp. The work the rhino trackers do is also very impressive."

"Rhino tracking was exciting and rewarding. Friendliness of management, staff and guides was exceptional."

Staff in Camp
Managers: Helen, Agnes and Morien.
Guides: Ali, Raymon, Gotlod and Pieter.

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