Desert Rhino Camp - October 2017

Oct 17, 2017 Desert Rhino Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Winter lasted until October this year at Desert Rhino Camp, with cold weather persisting throughout the month.  The housekeepers kept guests warm and cosy in their beds with hot water bottles while the guides were quite competitive about who got the first hot water in the mornings to get their hot water bottles to the guests’ vehicles.

Everyone got excited when large clouds started building around mid-month; however, by lunchtime every day all the clouds had dissipated.  The beautiful rocky Etendeka landscapes made up for it though, and our guests thoroughly enjoyed their morning and afternoon drives.

October was a month full of wonderful nature experiences and wildlife stories.  Rhino tracking is still the highlight of all our guests’ visits, but what really topped them this month was a sighting of three cheetah.  They were very relaxed and all our guests had the opportunity to see them.

Another great sighting was of two brown hyaena. In the other areas of Namibia, this particular hyaena species is seen regularly by guests, for example down south in Sossusvlei at the Kulalas, and along the Skeleton Coast, but to see them at Desert Rhino Camp generated quite a bit of excitement.

Desert-adapted black rhino sightings included several of Topnotch and Troy, as well as Harry and Speedy, but sightings of Don’t Worry still dominate; he is the most relaxed of all the rhino in the area.

The spotted hyaena den near camp is still active and guests love to sit and watch how the family interacts with one another.

The meerkat family also keeps everyone entertained and one of the guides, Liberty, found them having a scorpion snack.

Floppy Ear, the matriarch of a herd of desert-adapted elephants, is back in the area again and she and her clan caused minor havoc for staff who were planning bush dinners.

Giraffe and kudu were seen on nature drives, while Hartmann’s mountain zebra were seen drinking at one of the nearby springs.

Birds and Birding
Exciting bird sightings included those of an African hawk-eagle, three-banded plover and rock martin.

Guest Comments
“All of the camps we have visited have been amazing and we wouldn't have thought they could be bettered, but Rhino Camp and its staff are absolutely fabulous. They pay attention to the smallest details, are great fun and very good entertainers. Thank you.”

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