Doro Nawas Camp - February 2014

Feb 28, 2014 Doro Nawas Camp
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We had some very untrustworthy weather this month! It was an interesting mixture of a bit of rain, extremely hot days, cool nights, and even more unpredictable winds. Just as we thought the windy conditions were coming to an end, we discovered that the wind at Doro Nawas is more a constant element than something we could change with a button…
The rainy weather made sleeping outside for our guests a bit difficult, but the animals, farmers and flora were certainly not complaining! We had about 15+ mm of rain and the areas around the camp and along the riverbed are becoming a bit more green and inviting for our wildlife.
During February we had three truly special days – special that is for this part of Namibia! Overcast, cloudy even foggy days are such a rarity here that we count them as special indeed and with so little rainfall each year, fog can be a vital source of water for plants and animals. The hot south-west African sun soon put paid to the clouds however as normal service was resumed.

The start of the rains made for a more challenging time for our guides, with the elephants beginning to disperse much more than they had done over the last couple of months. But nonetheless we still had our 100% success rate in finding our beloved pachyderms. Rosa´s group with the 7- or 8-month-old baby has been moving around a bit more due to the fact that the youngest member is older now and it is safer for the herd to leave the protection of the riverbeds.

Less spectacular but no less fascinating sightings on the outskirts of camp have included a number of special desert snakes including zebra snakes and even horned adders.

Other herds seen this month include springbok, hartebeest, giraffe and zebra, and of course the ultimate desert survivor, the oryx or gemsbok. This antelope is so well adapted to life in hot, dry conditions it seems almost anomalous to see them on a rainy day.

Camp News
As well as weather and wildlife watching we have been busy with more developments at Doro Nawas where our staff members helped burnish Namibia’s well-earned reputation for cleanliness by carrying out a “chicken parade” to pick up any litter on the 5 km (3 mile) stretch of gravel track between camp and the road. Finally, our chef Sanna deserves a special mention after having received so many compliments this month on her signature dish, a marinated game steak.

Guest comments
"One of the best lodges stayed at in our many OAT adventures! The entire staff was outstanding in every aspect of everything here.” Stacy – USA
Outstanding in every way.” Suzanne – USA
Best team and service in Namibia” Reinhard and Julian – Germany
We loved the picnics and the variation of wine displays” Richard and Haron – UK
Surprise picnics, dinner by the fire place” Sara and Michael – UK

Managers and Guides in Camp
Agnes Bezuidenhout (Camp Manager)
Fritz Naobeb (Food & Beverage Manager)
Mari-Nella Burger (Service Manager)
Johan Liebenberg (Maintenance Manager)
Patricia Munene (Housekeeping Manager)
Richardt Orr (Guide)
Reinhold (Guide)
Mwezi (Guide)

Newsletter by Mari-Nella (Service Manager) and Johan (Maintenance Manager)


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