Doro Nawas Camp - March 2013

Mar 6, 2013 Doro Nawas Camp
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Weather and Landscape
March was a hot and humid month. We had temperatures of 30°C coupled with 25% humidity, sometimes rising to a blistering 47°C with 63% humidity!

Despite the high humidity, we did not receive any rainfall and the landscape is as dry and parched as ever. We remain positive that we will receive a little rain before winter arrives.

This month we enjoyed some really great game viewing both out on game drive and at camp. As the vegetation has become even sparser, the visibility is fantastic, and wherever there is water or good grazing and browsing opportunities, one can find good numbers of wildlife.

While out on drive, our guest often enjoyed sightings of red hartebeest, oryx, giraffe, black rhino, kudu, zebra, springbok and ostrich.

Sightings of desert-adapted elephants were very good this month, as both the Oscar and Rosie herds were seen.

And the elephants took a liking to the area surrounding Doro Nawas Camp which was fantastic.

Birding was pretty good this month, as we approach winter, all of the summer migrants have left, but winter is the breeding time for raptors. We had some incredible sightings of black-chested snake-eagle.

Camp News
Most of our guests took the opportunity to sleep outside under the stars on their room decks, all of them commenting what a great experience it was.

Bush breakfasts were also a firm favourite this month and we will continue to wow our guests with this.

Guest Comments
“We loved the views from the lodge, especially the elephants passing by the lodge. The staff were very helpful.”

“Very friendly staff and management and we enjoyed the game drives.”

“Everything was a highlight, you are doing this so well - we had a great time.”

“A very friendly welcome, attention to detail has been fantastic. The meal by the pool was a wonderful touch.

Staff in Camp
Managers: Luan, Agnes, Bes, William and Rosalia.
Guides: Richard, Michael and Wilhelm

Newsletter by Luan and Wilhelm.

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