Doro Nawas Camp – May 2014

May 31, 2014 Doro Nawas Camp
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Climate and Landscape
The weather at Doro Nawas in May was a rollercoaster ride with no assurance that the temperatures or wind on any given day would be the same. It did bring a few cold nights, as May is Doro Nawas’ transition month. We had pretty much the same temperatures as in April, with the exception of three or four days with very cold nights as well as a few cool days that only started heating up after lunchtime. Generally we had mild evenings and mornings, making sleeping at night very pleasant. A number of guests even pulled their beds out onto the verandas as we had a few extremely comfortable nights, with Scorpio, Orion, the Big Dipper and the Southern Cross sharing the May sky and shining down on them.

We had excellent wildlife sightings, particularly of our desert-adapted pachyderms this month. Matriarch Rosie was a very generous host, sharing beautiful and very playful visits between our guests and the young ones… We saw a lot more of the elephant bull Oscar this month as well, as he started moving towards the De Riet area. The herd caused a bit of mischief at Reenewoud when they broke some of the piping and the reservoir emptied out a bit. We had to supply water to the locals, which was a big attraction for our elephants, keeping them closer than usual to the camp.

Desert Adpated Elepants at Doro Nawas

We also saw a lot of wildlife tracks running along the main roads and guests enjoyed excellent sightings just driving into the camp! Other animal sightings included gemsbok (oryx), springbok, giant chickens (ostrich, that is!), steenbok, zebra and korhaan.

Birds and Birding
Our starlings and mountain wheatears frequent the breakfast table in the mornings and they appear willing to clear the buffet before our guests have had their share. We had a meeting with them, but to no avail… apparently Doro Nawas’ buffet is unlike anything they have ever had!

Johan had a patient for three days in the form of a rock martin that crash-landed into one of the windows of the camp. The bird seemed hurt and dazed and Johan kept it on Nella’s Wilderness Safaris cap in the office, feeding it water and checking if its wing was broken or hurt. Happily it did not seem to be badly injured. Johan continued to give the martin, now named Frederik, water and he frequently took it outside to see how the bird would react to the fresh air and wind under its wings, but only on the third day did Frederik show signs of interest in flying. Before this, he climbed everywhere with those amazingly strong claws! Luckily it was only three days as Johan was getting quite attached. On the third day, Johan took Frederik out onto the steps where he finally perked up in the gentle breeze. He took Frederik onto the roof and held him up in the air. Frederik raised his wings, felt the breeze, tilted his head from side to side and took off, circling the camp and then was gone. What a poignant moment!

Camp and Staff News        
BIG congratulations to our Doro Nawas Camp Choir! They barely had three days to practice for the song competition in our region and won second place. Unfortunately due to time constraints and the camp being full, they cannot take their place in the finals in Windhoek. But we are sure they would have done extremely well. The group did us proud and on that night gave a memorable performance. Our amazing singers are Veronica, Irene, Susan (with an incredible voice), Gabriel and Bernardus.

We have received and installed the new solar-powered geysers for the rooms. They are awesome and will help our carbon footprint a lot. We are renovating the Doro Nawas Camp swimming pool and our kitchen.

Richard is being promoted from guiding at an Adventures Camp to a Classic Camp and is leaving soon for Damaraland Camp. Well done, Richard, and we wish you all the best for a very bright and successful future. And as we say goodbye to one, we welcome two new guides: Kenneth and Josef. Kenneth has been here for most of the month and he is doing a great job. We officially welcome both of you to our Doro Nawas superstar team. We also welcome a new member to the waiter staff – Sydney – who used to work at Lianshulu. We welcome Sydney with much enthusiasm and hope we can learn a lot from each other.

The housekeepers bid farewell to their Manager. A special thank you goes to Elfriede, Veronica and Susanne for always stepping in and helping out. Finally, this was Johan and Mari-Nella’s last month at Doro Nawas as they start a new Wilderness journey at Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp.

Doro Nawas Camp

Guest Comments
“The roll out beds to allow us to sleep under the stars”
“You are a wonderful and lovable staff team! We appreciate that you remind the guests of not using cell phones and radios etc. The silence is what we really do need – to calm the soul”
“This is an amazing camp!”
“To all – I would like to thank each of you for a wonderful time spent at D!N. You people were friendly considerate and more importantly genuine. Thank you!”
“Our highlight was a Scorpion Walk with Mari-Nella –she brought us to our room after dinner. That was great.”  
“Your staff!! Everybody seems happy to work @ Doro Nawas”.
“We dropped in unannounced and felt very welcome. Staff were quite accommodating and very friendly. Gorgeous setting”
“Elephant tour, views all around, outside shower! Very helpful and friendly staff.”

Staff in Camp
Agnes Bezuidenhout (Camp Manager)
Fritz Naobeb (Food & Beverage Manager)
Mari-Nella Burger (Service Manager)
Johan Liebenberg (Maintenance Manager)
Richardt Orr (Guide)
Reinhold Adams (Guide)
Mwezi Biplo (Guide)
Kenneth Uaraavi (Guide)

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