Doro Nawas Camp - November 2017

Nov 15, 2017 Doro Nawas Camp
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Climate and Landscape
Here at Doro Nawas our November comprised at least three seasons a day, every day. Earlier this month some rain was recorded, not much but at least some of the grasses are flushing green. It rained further north and the Huab River actually flowed briefly.

Elephant were seen in the Zoo Park area for most of the month, moving between the water points of Peter’s Pools and De Riet. Our little ‘desert prince,’ the elephant calf, is still doing well, and looks healthy. He is still the highlight of everyone’s sightings.  

Lion and rhino tracks were seen in the vicinity of Peter’s Pools but none of the guides had sightings of the actual animals.

The guides found a very disturbing sight during the month – an aardvark, which seemed to have been killed by brown hyaena. This is so unfortunate as aardvark are such scarce animals and so rarely seen.

The acacia trees are in season and bearing flowers, the mopane trees are a dense green and plenty of birds were spotted. Rare sightings included secretarybirds and black-chested snake eagles.

When the Huab River flowed earlier this month and subsequently dried up, the elephants knew if they dug a little, they would still find water; it was amazing to watch a kudu drinking from one of the holes dug by the elephants.

Camp Activities
Doro Nawas is situated in an area where there are a lot of other activities besides nature drives. One of these activities is a visit to the Cultural Museum where guests are taken back to a past age by proud members of the community who love to show how their forefathers lived.

A visit to Twyfelfontein is also a must. Many, many years ago, these rocks seem to have functioned as a “post office” where all the locals came to write (or draw) their “stories.” There are incredibly interesting etchings, even some of seals which live further away on the coast. It is fascinating to think these ancients walked all the way to the coast and back.

Guest Comments
“Thanks for a super stay, everything was lovely, the service, the food, guides were informative and wonderful, we really enjoyed the bush dinner and the staff show.”

Staff News
Everyone in our business knows that when you make a lasting impression on a guest, they will put your name on their evaluation sheet and mention you in comments. Every quarter, we tally those names and Markus Kaveto is our latest Doro Nawas champion. We salute you, Markus!


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