Doro Nawas Camp - October 2012

Nov 10, 2012 Doro Nawas Camp
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This month we experienced the onset of summer, but we were still offered some Comfort from the cool westerly winds during the evenings and mornings. Once these winds died down, the midday temperatures would peak around 32-38° C, dropping down to around 16° C.
This month was definitely the month of big cats at Doro Nawas as we enjoyed two different sightings of cheetah as well as a couple sightings of the desert lions which currently have a litter of cubs. This is great news for the species and we hope that these cubs will reach adulthood and disperse into the area. On one occasion, we came across a pride of lion with seven cubs while they were all feeding on an oryx carcass. This was awesome as we were able to get quite close to the feeding felines and observe them for some time - the guests were blown away by this sighting.
A small cheetah family was also found feeding, when Wilhelm and his guests found the two adult females with three young cubs feeding on a springbok carcass.
General game sightings have been good, as the herbivores enthusiastically follow the sprouting vegetation.
Camp Activities
Surprise bush breakfasts have gone down really well with all of our guests this month.
The camp choir has put in some exceptional effort and have literally wowed our guests with their energetic performance.
Another highlight for the month was when a group of guests returned to camp after an elephant tracking excursion. The y returned as the sun was setting with the idea of enjoying some sundowners on the roof deck. This is exactly what they did with the added surprise of the Oscar Herd of elephant which were peacefully feeding in front of Room 2 - what a great way to enjoy the sunset!
Guest Comments
"The bush breakfast was amazing as we could hear the lions roar will we ate. Our guide Michael was fantastic and was very knowledgeable."
"The surprise breakfast outside was fantastic!"
Staff in Camp
Managers: Agnes Bezuidenhout, Jason Lundon, Emsie Skrywer and Schalk T. Burger.
Guides: Richardt Orr, Ignatius Khamuseb, Michael Kauari and Wilhelm Ashipolo.
Newsletter for this month done by:
Ignatius Khamuseb
Emsie Skrywer

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