Doro Nawas Camp - September 2013

Sep 11, 2013 Doro Nawas Camp
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Weather and Landscape
The weather has been extremely unpredictable this month, ranging from very hot to cold at night. The frequent western winds which start in the late afternoons make the nights and mornings very cold. Towards the end of month we received a few raindrops for a period of two days and then it was all gone.

With the dry conditions we have been able to view small antelope like the duiker and klipspringer very easily, as the vegetation is very sparse, making visibility much better.

As the environment is really dry at the moment, the wildlife have resorted to their unique adaptions to survive. This became clear when we witnessed a number of common duikers actively hunting birds and insects. They do this in order to get additional nutrition and moisture during difficult times - but for us this is a truly unusual sight.

On the opposite side of the size scale, the desert-adapted elephants are back in the Huab Valley as they are clearly attracted to the dam at De Riet. This has created a favourite spot for sundowners as these giant pachyderms could be found enjoying a drink here almost daily during the afternoons.

Birds and Birding
The birding has been really good this month with many resident and local species congregating in large numbers.

Rüppell's korhaan have been vocalising quite a lot lately with their frog-like call entertaining our guests both in camp and out on activity – some guests have called them 'the desert frogs.'

Large flocks of Namaqua sandgrouse have been formed and can be truly appreciated when they arrive en mass at the water sources at dusk.

Guest Comments
“Very helpful and friendly staff – nice cards saying welcome. Hot water bottle and complimentary wine on cold night were very welcome.”

“Our trip to see the elephants with our great guide Mwezi who was very friendly and informative.”

“Best lodge I have stayed at, the staff were amazing. The effort our guide and entire staff went to ensure our stay was fantastic and it was!”

Staff in Camp
Managers: Agnes Bezuidenhout, Aggie Aikanga and Dendella Noabes.
Guides: Reinhold Adams, Mwezi Bupilo and Abner Shighweda.

Newsletter by Aggie and Reinhold

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