Doro Nawas - November 2013

Nov 27, 2013 Doro Nawas Camp
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Weather and Landscape
The month of November was very interesting! Nice cool evenings and hot during the day. The beginning of November was extremely hot and dry. But by the end it became very humid and we even enjoyed some rain. Not much, just enough to have the entire camp staff scrambling to fetch in all towels, cushions and pouffes, only to have the rain stop as we were done. Nevertheless, running around in the short rain shower was great! It is still very humid but evenings are getting much cooler. The winds were quite heavy but that did not stop anyone from enjoying sundowners. The landscape was spectacular as usual with all guests consistently in awe of the beautiful scenery in our area. We had a number of scenic drives and they always leave a smile on everyone’s face.

We were very lucky tracking desert-adapted elephant with multiple herd sightings on almost every drive. Guests really enjoyed seeing the baby elephants – quite close to the camp by the dam. We had a river lunch in the last week of the month and the elephants were just over by the river bed, but out of sight. A local man came to warn us to pack up, fearing the elephants might move through the river. The guests really enjoyed the thrill! Luckily we left before any elephants came over to the riverside lunch site. We also had sightings of a lion in the area and sometimes we could hear him too. We thought it was Angela, a tracked lioness in Dr. Flip Stander’s Desert Lions Project, but instead it was an un-collared male lion. There were also sightings of giraffes and even a rhino! The usual antelope such as oryx and springbok were also seen on occasion.

Camp News
Congratulations to Abner and Mwezi for receiving high praise from guests during November.
Conservancy Liaison Lena Florry visited our camp to meet with all staff and ensure everyone is happy. She commended the housekeepers and kitchen staff for working so well during a full camp even though they were understaffed. GREAT JOB TEAM!

We are also delighted to officially welcome our new management couple, Johan Liebenberg (Maintenance Manager) and Mari-Nella Burger (Service Manager).
On the same note, we officially bid farewell to Attie Smit, our previous Maintenance Manager. We hope you achieve great success in your future endeavours.

We appointed Ronelie and Desery from the Emerging Manager Programme as Receptionist and Floor Supervisor for a three-month trial, after which one will be permanently appointed. Good luck girls!
We are currently in the process of building our new pilot accommodation and meanwhile are very proud of our new airstrip which is up and running successfully.

Guest Comments
“Definitely getting what you paid for with friendly staff.” 
“Nature drive, bush lunch, seeing lots of elephants, sleeping under the stars. The team was fantastic. Well done!” 
“Desert elephants, game drive in the afternoon with Abner – EXCELLENT!” 
“Welcome on arrival and on departure songs a highlight.”  
“Marvellous, our guide for the elephant drive was unbelievable – a real dream.”  
“Your staff was so pleasant, helpful and available. I felt like Royalty, Thank you so much.”  
Highlight: “Sleeping under the stars.”
Highlight: “Desert elephants & lion spotted.” 

Staff in Camp
Managers: Agnes, Aggie, Mari-Nella, Johan, Dendella and Fritz.
Guides: Richardt Orr, Reinhold, Mwezi and Abner
Newsletter by Mari-Nella Burger


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